Hunting with modern technologies

Beaver hunting with pass-through traps
For a long time, beaver hunters used only trail traps. They are quite catchy, easy to handle and install. The only significant drawback of them can be recognized as a…

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With full contact with the host
Those who have read the rules for testing police dogs, probably know that one of the price graphs is called "STAGING". The highest score for the production is ten. And…

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How to train a COP yourself using ... the Internet!
The question of independent nataski your COP dog is not new. It's no secret that many novice legashatniki dream to go this way with their dog on their own. After…

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Autumn game hunting with stuffed animals and decoy duck

The majority of birds moving to wintering grounds, stopping periodically to feed safe waters, replenishing energy to continue the road. At this time, ducks have a highly developed flocking instinct, and many species are willing to fly up to the stuffed animals. Thanks to this, hunting with stuffed animals in the fall is much more productive than without them.

Hunting with stuffed animals
Most eager to be stuffed Teal, Pintail, grey duck, Lutak, pochard, respond less to them Mallard, shoveler, Wigeon, red-crested pochard.

For recreation, flying ducks often use large lakes, floodplains or open sea coasts. River ducks prefer shallow water reservoirs, diving ducks prefer deep water ones. However, large reservoirs often do not provide birds with food. Therefore, in the evening and the first hours of the night, the ducks fly to more stable places: small lakes and coastal shoals. Some of the river ducks, especially mallards, visit the fields where they feed on grain. With dawn, before sunrise, the birds leave the feeding grounds and fly for a day’s rest to safer reservoirs. Continue reading

Decree Of the Governor of the Omsk region” on determining the types of permitted hunting and parameters of hunting on the territory of the Omsk region ” dated 31.07.2015 No. 134

Decree Of the Governor of the Omsk region” on determining the types of permitted hunting and parameters of hunting on the territory of the Omsk region ” dated 31.07.2015 No. 134 (hereinafter – the Decree), which regulates hunting in the region, includes types of hunting and terms of production of hunting resources. It is assumed that the Decree will be valid indefinitely: until the necessary amendments are made, depending on the dynamics of changes in the number of hunting resources, natural-climatic and other factors. In addition, the document defines a list of hunting grounds on the territory of the Omsk region, where hunting for certain species is allowed. Continue reading

Hunting black grouse with a COP

With COP dogs, they hunt all forest game: capercaillie, grouse, woodcock and black grouse. But the most popular is still hunting black grouse-killer whale.

About the behavior and lifestyle of black grouse
It is distributed throughout the forest and forest-steppe zone of our country, only in the remote taiga you will not find it. In summer and autumn, birds adhere to open spaces, most often they can be found on the outskirts of fields, meadows, and moss swamps. Recently, due to the decline of agriculture in many regions of the country, black grouse moved to the fields overgrown with young birch trees. In the dense forest, birds leave only when the autumn rains are prolonged or when the wind is strong. Continue reading

The autumn moose hunting

Consider the fall hunt for moose. Why autumn? Winter driven hunt for prey, more profitable to hold after the establishment of stable snow cover. It is easier to find animals, get around them and expose them to shooters. In the fall and early spring, the same operations have to be done “blindly”. However, late autumn and early winter do not always spoil hunters with snow (say, the last two seasons), and by the middle of the corral hunt, most bull moose have already shed their horns. It can be very frustrating to put a huge bull at the end of December and find only rosettes on its head instead of horns. The exit suggests itself: summer and autumn hunting “on the roar” or autumn hunting with a dog. We will focus on them in more detail. Continue reading

Grouse hunting with an approach, with a car, with a dog

Grouse is one of the most common birds, and hunting for it is always popular. Maybe it attracts hunters because it is found throughout the forest zone, or maybe because it is very pleasant to hunt, and the grouse itself always attracts our sympathy with its mottled brown-gray color, vivacity of behavior, unusual noisy take-off and remarkable ability to hide in the branches of trees.

Spring grouse hunting is prohibited. This bird forms a pair, each of them has its own plot of courtship, vigilantly guarded by the male. Grouse do not form group currents, like capercaillie or black grouse, but the male nevertheless quickly responds to the challenge of the opponent and hurries to it, showing all his cock prowess. Continue reading

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