PLANS to create a holiday park to the south of West Kilbride have been thrown into doubt by a land ownership dispute.

The application for 228 static chalets at the site of the former Montfode Oil storage depot has been withdrawn by the developer.

As well as the chalets, the 27-acre site was slated to have its own clubhouse, swimming pool, hairdresser, shop and bowling green.

However, the plans are now in doubt after a local residents came forward claiming the area included part of her land,

They say that Bothwell Land and Development Ltd had not contacted them about the area - and say that the company’s claim to owning all the land involved is false.

The person owns a livery yard in an area that the plans say will allow cars to access the site.

The anonymous owner told our sister paper the Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald that the land was bought by them back in 2016 and “will not be sold for any amount of money”.

They said: “We received letters from the council at the end of March, so then we went onto the council website to look at all the plans and documents.

“We found out that the applicant has declared they own all the land, which they do up at the Shell site.

“But they also said they owned the fields from the A78 up on the right-hand side to the old castle ruins, which they don’t, because we do.

“In order to get potentially 228 caravans and the amount of people that would involve and their vehicles, they would have to more than double the width of the road.

“The only way that they can do that is to use the fields that we own, and we bought it for the reason it’s being used.

“We have never been approached, we’ve never been asked anything about it, the only way we found out was when the council told us, and we would never sell it anyway.

“I spoke to the planning officer dealing with the case and they confirmed the applicant did claim they own this land.

“This is a firm that’s putting out misinformation and obviously we were shocked to find out that our land was going to be built on.”

The original application was met with concerns by local residents who say the site is not fit for a holiday park and that it will disrupt the surrounding farms and wildlife.

The application has been classified as 'major' by North Ayrshire Council given the scale of the potential development.