The salaries and expenses of local councillors have been revealed – with one of them not claiming a single penny in expenses.

North Ayrshire Council has released a breakdown which shows the salaries of its elected members and their expenses from 2021/22.

Former West Kilbride and Dalry councillor Todd Ferguson, now one of the North Coast’s five councillors, claimed the highest amount of expenses amongst the current representatives.

On top of his annual salary of £18,541.46, the Conservative councillor, who lives on Cumbrae and travels regularly on the ferry, claimed £211 in expenses, including £58.95 for car and van mileage, £34 for telephone and ICT costs, and £118 for other travel.

SNP councillor Alan Hill claimed no expenses during the year on top of his annual salary of £18,541.46, one of only two councillors to do so.

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch had ICT and phone expenses of just £33.13, on top of his £18,541.46 salary.

Conservative councillor Tom Marshall received a higher salary at £22,791.13 due to his role as the former chair of the planning committee.

As well as his base pay, he had expenses of £75 for training and conferences and £33.13 for ICT and phones.

Current SNP councillor Eleanor Collier does not have any data as she was only elected for the first time earlier this year.

Former Labour councillor Alex Gallagher, who served as the cabinet member for the islands, took home a base salary of £23,178.88, with telephone and ICT expenses of £33.13.

The councillor with the highest expenses recorded was Davina McTiernan, whose expenses totalled £957.43, with most of this from car and van mileage.

The use of the civic car cost a total of £1,492.05, with expenses for all councillors of £5,017.65 alongside a salary total of £690,201.04.