Hunting with modern technologies

Winter moose pen: weapons and features.
This hunt has a nuance that determines the increased requirements for safety. First, it is unattractive for "trophy" hunters who usually have a high shooting training – in December, and…

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Hunting black grouse with a COP
With COP dogs, they hunt all forest game: capercaillie, grouse, woodcock and black grouse. But the most popular is still hunting black grouse-killer whale. About the behavior and lifestyle of…

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Scheme of placement, use and protection of hunting grounds on the territory of the Novosibirsk region
This work was carried out in accordance with the State contract for the implementation of research work "Scheme of placement, use and protection of hunting grounds on the territory of…

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As the boar was conquer America

The history of the discovery and colonization of new continents and territories by representatives of European civilization is inextricably linked to the migration of some species of domestic and wild animals. Everyone knows the consequences of importing rabbits to Australia. Once on this isolated continent in the XIX century, in the absence of species competition, rabbits bred so much that within 10 years they became a national disaster. A similar situation, only more delayed in time, has developed with the uncontrolled breeding of wild and escaped domestic pigs brought to the territory of North America. Continue reading

The hunting of the hare

This type of hunting has a long tradition. Hunting for a hare is conducted, mainly because of dietary meat, skins and, of course, for the sake of the most-extremely fascinating process of production of this animal. On our site you can find materials about the types of hare hunting, participate in the discussion of this topic on the forum, view hunting photos and videos, and find recipes for cooking hare dishes.

How to hunt a hare
There are several of the most popular ways to extract hares:

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Beaver jet

In this review, we will tell you what a beaver jet is, in the treatment of which diseases it is used and what is the attitude of official medicine to this folk remedy.

Beaver stream-from what diseases, use in medicine, medicinal properties
Beaver jet is certainly one of the most outlandish for the uninitiated person means of folk medicine. Residents of Siberia and Altai have long considered it a medicine that can cure a person of any disease. Modern healers claim that this substance is not just a drug. Continue reading

A new book for hunting inspectors and hunters has been published

Currently, in the field of hunting and hunting in Russia, the main problems are the strengthening of hunting supervision and control and the need to reduce the number of wolves. This paper is devoted to solving the first problem.

The uniqueness of the book is that hunting supervision and control is carried out for decades, and there are practically no manuals for training inspectors. To date, there have been no comprehensive scientific and methodological studies on this issue. Continue reading

Badger hunting with huskies

A few days ago, a badger hunt is opened, which is not a very popular game nowadays. It seems to be clear: clothing-from synthetic materials, meat-from the store, voltaren – from rheumatism. But the main reason for this attitude is not knowing how to hunt it, because many people are sure that they can not do without burrowing dogs. Yes, this option is the most common, but it is not the only one. If you have a husky, then hunting with such an assistant is even more exciting! Continue reading

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With full contact with the host
Those who have read the rules for testing police dogs, probably know that one of the price graphs is called "STAGING". The highest score for the production is ten. And…


Open and collimator hunting sights: a short course
Conventionally, hunting sights can be divided into two categories: purely mechanical devices and devices based on effects in optical glass – prisms and lenses. The first includes open and diopter…


The dog in the boar: selection and training, hunting
The boar is a very strong, wayward and ferocious animal. Stories about the rampant power and anger of a wounded cleaver are not the stuff of hunters. The force of…


How to behave when meeting a bear
"...residents of the region in the event of bears appearing in dangerous proximity can immediately contact the state Inspectorate to send inspectors to the scene. It is their responsibility to…