Hunting with modern technologies

VPO-208: non-standard " paradox»
«Paradox». In fact, this is a rifled chock that does not exceed, according to the law, 140 millimeters. Guns with such a combined type of drilling do not stand out…

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Comfort in any weather-Shoe covers " Yeger»
Hardly the first snow has fallen, and the temperature has crossed the zero threshold, fans of winter hunting and fishing spend the last preparations of their equipment and equipment for…

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Scheme of placement, use and protection of hunting grounds on the territory of the Novosibirsk region
This work was carried out in accordance with the State contract for the implementation of research work "Scheme of placement, use and protection of hunting grounds on the territory of…

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How to catch up with waterfowl on the hunt

The method of catching waterfowl is not used too often. However, this method is quite justified, and in some cases it is the only way to get a bird. For example, if the game is located on a remote and inaccessible part of the reservoir or swims in open water beyond the distance of the shot, only the driver can not be left without a trophy. This technique has its own characteristics, but if all the rules are observed, the hunt can become more productive at times. Continue reading

Shooting at a duck ” in flight”

Opening, perhaps, the most popular hunting – for waterfowl – will be the first in the life of many beginners. First of all, they are offered an article that reveals some of its nuances from the point of view of a professional shooter. Yes, and experienced hunters will be interesting and, for sure, will open something new, and may cause a desire to argue with the author or share their experience.

Tips for opening a hunt
Hunting for waterfowl is the most popular, and for many hunters the only hunting in Peru. Continue reading

On other hunts

There are still many types of hunting with a Spaniel. I told you about the most famous ones. Pogonysh and marsh hens are hunted almost the same way as crakes, except that they choose wetter swamps with barrels filled with water. Hunting for grey partridge is similar to quail, but the birds sometimes keep very large broods, taking off with great noise and crackling, simultaneously maneuvering in flight, and often again landing the whole flock 100-200 meters from the place of ascent. The smell of grey partridge is very strong, especially if the brood is fattening. One evening in October we were returning home with the dog from a not very successful hunt: only woodcock and snipe were hanging out in the torques of the jagdtash. Suddenly, on a road that runs along the edge of an abandoned field, the dog pulled sharply into the field, literally screeching with excitement. Continue reading

With a Spaniel on different hunts

First hunt

So, your Spaniel is fully prepared for hunting. The first hunting trip is a crucial moment in the life of a young dog. Remember that on this day, game production for you should not be the main goal, even if it was the long-awaited opening of the hunt. The main focus is on the dog.

I do not recommend starting with spring hunting, where the dog does not work, but only is near the owner and serves to feed downed woodcocks. Although the temptation is great: if you took a puppy from the autumn litter, then in April it will already reach the “hunting” age. Continue reading

Hunting for a hare in the fall without a dog

Encyclopedia of hunting: hare Hunting

Many people will think that there is nothing complicated, go through the fields and shoot the flying “oblique”. But there are secrets, and it is because of these secrets that I almost always come home with the loot. For various reasons, not everyone has the opportunity to hunt with a dog, but this does not mean that hunting hares is not available to them. There are several quite effective ways to hunt without having a specially trained hunting dog.

Hunting from the approach
The very first way is to hunt from the approach. Continue reading

Fox hunting with a lantern
In a number of Russian regions, due to a sharp increase in the number of livestock and the danger of spreading rabies, Fox hunting is open. It is clear that…


Grey partridge hunting
The number of representatives of field game includes a few species, the grey partridge is one of them. Many attribute it to resemblance to an ordinary domestic chicken, this is…


Shooting at a duck " in flight"
Opening, perhaps, the most popular hunting – for waterfowl - will be the first in the life of many beginners. First of all, they are offered an article that reveals…


Winter hunting for grouse
The black grouse is a coveted and valuable trophy for any hunter. A large red-browed bird with blue-black plumage makes you experience the moments of excitement and excitement that accompany…