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Summer boar hunting

In a number of regions, wild boar hunting has been opened since June 1. In a month or two, it will become public. The proposed article is devoted to the peculiarities of summer hunting for this animal.

Boar refers to “international” animals that are hunted all over the world. The season for the male of this powerful beast begins in June-August and lasts until the end of February. Young animals are usually allowed to shoot from September to the end of January, and with dogs – from October. Many farms can organize a tour of captured wild boars all year round, but this is quite expensive. Hunting for a cleaver in the summer is probably the most adrenaline-fueled. Here we will tell you about it.

General information
There are a lot of wild boars in Russia. According to the estimates of the hunting inspection, their number is about 220 thousand. Wild boars live in all zones-starting from the taiga and almost to the deserts. You can find them in forests rich in nuts, acorns, berries, in wild fruit thickets, in reeds near reservoirs. In General, there must be water near the boar places – they go to water 2-3 times a day. Almost all hunting farms open hunting for wild boars, however, not all of them in the summer – mostly because of the uncollected crop, since people trample more crops than animals in search of a fattening herd.

In the second half of summer, the boar begins to feed heavily. At dusk they go out into the open – fields, glades, and gardens. You can find feeding places by signs of presence-traces, droppings, mud puddles, the sharp smell of urine, and the open ground where animals look for roots and tubers. It is advisable to find these places in advance. You need to start looking from reservoirs, where you can find places of fat on the tracks.

Wild boars on the utility bills

The equipment of the hunter
Boars are very sensitive animals, they have a fine sense of smell and sharp hearing. Although the vision is weak, and the running boar may not even notice the hunter. But during feeding and lying down, any unfamiliar sound seems suspicious to them. Therefore, clothing and shoes should not only be comfortable, but also not rustle or creak. Weapons and belts should not make any rattling or metallic sounds. To avoid annoying midges, which are more than enough in the summer, you need to take a hat with a mosquito net. But you can not use Cologne, repellents, even a day before the hunt. Even boars are very sensitive to the smell of tobacco smoke, so you should not smoke even before going out.

An important point – you can not go to the toilet near the place of sitting, at the tower. Wild boars, sensing the smell of human secretions, will bypass this place for half a kilometer.

Hunting of waiting in ambush
It is carried out at reservoirs, on approaches to the place of feeding or near them. The most effective sit – ins are in the fields where wild boars come to feed at night. These can be fields of agricultural crops-potatoes, corn, wheat, oats. Boars also like to ruin gardens and orchards. The boar can be easily calculated from the characteristic tracks. In this type of hunting, the most important point is to choose the right place to sit. It should be located opposite the path where the animals move. Be sure to calculate that the ambush was against the wind from the place where the herd will go out.

It is customary to arrange sit-ins in the lab-this is a temporary or permanent platform that is placed on trees near the feeding place at a height of about 3 meters. It can be quite simple (in the photo).

Why not be lazy and build a warehouse? First, because this way the animals will not feel the human smell and be very careful. Second, you can see boars better this way. And the third reason, if the boar is only wounded, then its rage is terrible and the cleaver always tries to take revenge on the hunter. It will not be available at the warehouse. The main thing is not to fall to the ground at this moment.

The best nights for hunting are moonlit, and the place should be chosen to sit facing the West. So silhouettes will be better distinguishable. It is necessary to go out to sit still before dark, behave quietly, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol. If there are two hunters, don’t talk. The peculiarity of the behavior of wild boars is that when they approach the zhirovochny field, they do not immediately go out to it. They stand in the thicket for a while, listening and sniffing. Next, several medium-sized pigs come forward. If everything is in order, they are followed by Queens with piglets. Everyone is very cautious. And only when the loud champing begins, the cleavers come to the feast.

Moving wild boars to the fields

If one of the boars seems suspicious, it raises its head and freezes. When the animal is calm, it always wags its tail. If one of the males froze with his tail outstretched, it means that he gave a signal of danger and in a second with a grunt and squeal the herd will fly apart. You shouldn’t shoot running animals from behind bars. We must wait for the moment when a large cleaver turns sideways. You should aim at the killer place – in the neck or head behind the ear. A body shot is 50% of the fight. And to search for a wounded boar at night in the dark is the height of frivolity. Even during the day, the search must be conducted with extreme caution. A good help will be a sight with a hover point or at least with the illumination of the sighting scale. Many people appreciate the Baltic lamp-headlight “Boar”, which is fixed directly on the gun.

Important nuance
Every hunter who goes out on a wild boar should remember that this animal is very strong on the wound, it has a thick skin and a layer of fat. Therefore, it is necessary to shoot at precisely verified places: in the heart area (behind the front shoulder blade), in the head under the ear, in the neck and in the spine. With wounds in other places of the boars run away, and often hunt them down for chemotroph fails. A mortally wounded animal will go to remote places and be lost as a trophy. The second important point is that after a hit, even if the cleaver has fallen and is lying motionless, you can not immediately approach it, since even a wounded boar, seeing his abuser, can jump up and rush at him. If there is even the slightest doubt that the animal was killed, it is better to take another shot in the head.

You can’t track a wounded boar at night. During the day, you don’t have to follow the trail immediately. It is better to wait for 20-30 minutes. Often a mortally wounded cleaver will run up to 100 meters and fall dead. A wounded animal can walk up to several kilometers. Experienced hunters do this: by the amount of blood, traces and behavior of the animal (how often it lies down, goes straight or loops), it determines the severity of the injury. If the boar is seriously injured, it must be tracked down and finished off. If the wound is light, it is better to let it go and lie down, and track it down the next day with the dog. By this time the beast will have weakened and it will be easier to take it.

Hunting from the approach
Later in the evening, it is necessary to go hunting and quietly, slowly, to leeward, to focus on the characteristic sounds – grunting, champing, periodic screeching of young animals, which are driven by large males. It is necessary to stop often to listen and look closely. Otherwise, you can run into the laying of wild boars – they will not run away, but can rush directly at the hunter. This is the most dangerous type of hunting, and is now relatively little practiced.

If the hunter manages to approach the feeding area unnoticed, then it is necessary to hide and look out for the largest cleaver. Shoot only for sure. You should always provide a place where you can hide from an angry animal-preferably, a tree that is convenient for climbing.

From the towers at the feeding grounds
The easiest way to hunt and the least athletic. In principle, this is no longer hunting, but shooting an animal that has been fed for a long time, and it does not expect much danger from a person. When hunting from the tower, each boar can be well considered and choose the largest specimen. In all other respects, it is necessary to behave exactly as when hunting with a sit-down.

Another summer method – on peas or oatmeal
These crops, like corn, are the favorite treats of wild boars. During maturation, they may even decide to go to the fields during the day to eat sweets. But they will behave very carefully-stay close to the edges, preserving the path to a quick departure. At its core, this is hunting from the approach and here, too, the most important thing is to get close unnoticed from the leeward side.

Choice of weapons
The boar is a serious animal, and the weapon must match it, as well as be reliable, because the life of the hunter depends on it. From smoothbore guns, the best option is for fighting with a bullet, which can be quickly reloaded. The bullet must be at least 32 grams. Buckshot 8.5 mm can only be used on piglets up to 1 year, and then-if there are no large cleavers nearby. From rifled weapons should choose a caliber of at least 7.62 mm. for podsvinkov enough 7, 62×39, for medium-sized boars 7, 62×54. For trophy hunting, it is necessary to focus on more powerful cartridges – 9, 3×64 or 338 Winchester.

Night trophy

Boar hunting, especially running, requires knowledge of the habits of this animal and very good training. You need to be able to shoot accurately, have experience shooting at a large animal, and be physically strong. And also-strictly follow the safety rules. The boar has no sense of humor, and he will not joke exactly.

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