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Red deer: methods and features of hunting

The red deer, the raisin, and the maral are animals whose image has come down to us from ancient times on the rock paintings of primitive people. Of course, hunting is the only way a person could survive. The successful outcome of this hunt brought the opportunity to be fed to the whole tribe for many days. And if the hunter missed, in a rare case, he remained alive and well. With great strength, a wounded maral can injure or even kill more than one person. Ancient people believed that the souls of animals, as well as the souls of people can live after death. Among the tribes of Europe and Asia, the deer was considered the most revered animal, which may be why the ancient totem cult equated this duel between man and deer.

But centuries passed. Man moved away from the ancient totem cult, finding other denominations of faith in the deity. Over time, he received various opportunities to get food for himself in addition to hunting. People began to breed Pets, learned to grow edible plants, but hunting deer still attracted him to himself. What is the reason for this?

There are several purely practical reasons why the Red deer is still the most popular hunting trophy, as well as why the deer were domesticated. It has long been noticed that deer meat is not only tender and pleasant to the taste, but also has amazing dietary and even medicinal properties. There is almost no fat in venison, and its energy value is only 155 kcal per 100 g. Deer meat contains a lot of vitamins B1, B2 and PP, as well as trace elements: iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium.

Therefore, venison does not have a negative effect on blood vessels and the heart. It is recommended to use for beriberi and metabolic disorders. The high content of vitamin B1-thiamine has a stimulating effect on human brain activity. Thiamine is also an excellent antioxidant, which is why it reduces the negative impact of tobacco and alcohol use. Often, doctors recommend eating deer meat for pregnant women, because it raises the tone of the muscles of the heart, stomach and digestive tract. It has been observed that people who often eat venison are almost not susceptible to cancer.

Biological features of deer
In Russia, red deer is found almost all over the territory, from the black earth region to the most Eastern borders-wherever there are dense forests, so beloved by these animals. But in some treeless regions, in particular, the foothills of the Caucasus, there are also quite a lot of these beautiful animals, where hunting for them, as well as for marals, is performed in a completely different way than in the forest, namely, by hiding.

The male red deer usually weighs from 120 to 140 kg, the height at the withers is about 120 cm, and the length is about 180 cm. the weight of the maral can reach up to 300 kilograms.

Horns, or rather a pair of horns (in the hunting environment – “head”) can have up to 12 appendages – such a deer is already called a Royal one. In history, a case was recorded when a deer extracted at the beginning of the last century in the Alps had 18 appendages. The trophy is kept in a private collection and is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Deer are gregarious animals that form large groups, headed by an experienced female called vazhenka. The herd consists of females, calves, and young males.

After 2-3 years, the males leave and form their own separate groups, grazing together for almost the entire year-until the rut period.

The mating season begins at the end of September (in the Northern regions 2-3 weeks earlier) and is marked by the roar of the males, similar to the roar of a lion. This Horny horned handsome men throw each other a challenge. The males are fighting selflessly, facing horns. It may seem strange, but more often the fight is won by deer with small horns or without them at all – they are more mobile. Males quite often lock horns and, if they fail to free themselves, die of starvation.

In tsarist times, and in the Soviet period, only the authorities could hunt this animal. Now, in principle, any trained hunter who has enough money to buy a license and organize a hunt can become the owner of a luxury trophy-red deer horns. At this time, the average cost of a license in Russia is 20-25 thousand rubles for a male juvenile, a male under 3 years of age-35-40 thousand rubles, older than 3 years – from 45 to 80 thousand rubles, depending on the value of the horns. Plus, you need to add another third to this amount – for the organization of the tour and the cost of processing the carcass and horns. It is forbidden to hunt females (only within the framework of sanitary shooting). The fine is very large – from 60 thousand rubles.

There are several main ways to hunt deer:

From the tower
The STO-len
Deer hunting from the tower
This method consists in the fact that in certain places in the lands where the deer graze, towers are installed in advance, and then the huntsmen for a long time scatter animal feed – grain, corn, silage, hay. At first, the deer are cautious, but then they get used to feeding and do not pay attention to the tower. This is the easiest way to get a horned beauty.

A tower about 3 meters high or more will not only provide the hunter with a good view, but also will not allow his smell to spread near the ground, at the level of the animals ‘ heads. The tower can be equipped before hunting, especially in the cold season, up to the supply of blankets or a heater.

Therefore, along with the usual stores, in recent years, there are also, so to speak, luxury apartments (pictured).

There are certain “disadvantages” of this method. Sitting on the tower, the hunter can do nothing if the wind carries his scent in the direction of the approaching animal – and it immediately runs away. In addition, you have to sit on the tower for hours, often in an uncomfortable position, and any movement will attract the attention of animals, and they will leave.

Hunting by luring (“on the roar»)
It is used only in the rut season – from mid-September to mid-October, until the mating season begins. The fact is that when the male begins to mate, his meat becomes odorous and almost inedible.

Beckoning is an imitation of the roar of another male and a challenge to a duel. The hunter or huntsman challenges and waits for the” opponent ” to respond. The voice of an experienced person can distinguish the higher tone of a young deer from the low voice of a Mature male. Young males often arrange imaginary fights with trees and the noise produced can determine their location. The challenge must be repeated until the deer can be lured to a place where it can be seen, evaluated, and well aimed, if it is a worthy trophy.

It is best to imitate the roar of a deer from a low location, at the edge of a forest or in a clearing where the hunter can hide, but will have a sufficient overview. It is important to trumpet not too often, keeping the rhythm of the responding deer. Often the bulls approach completely inaudibly, so the hunter may be caught off guard.

Enticing the female voice during estrus for red deer, unlike elk and ROE deer, is not used at all.

In the United States, there is a very interesting way to lure deer during the rut. The huntsman takes a pair of horns with him and knocks them against each other — simulates the sound of the horns of males who are fighting for a female. Males that are within earshot also come to take part in the fight. For such a hunt, the shooter must hide well and disguise his scent, because it is not known which side the deer will approach. For this purpose, the contents of the glands of the boar or beaver are often used.

Corral hunting
Performed in a pen with or without dogs. At the same time, it is recommended to drive not very fast, because if the deer is very scared, it will run away without a chance to be exposed to a shot.

Deer, like ROE deer, do not like to leave their territory and even with a fairly dense line of beaters without dogs, they can break back to their usual places unnoticed.

In round-up hunting, it is allowed to shoot strictly within the limits of the license, and immediately after hitting the animal (even injured), the hunt stops.

In the paddock, the females are always the first to attack the shooters, followed by the calves and only then the large males. If wild boars or ROE deer come out – they are not shot, but passed through the line of shooters.

Hiding a deer
This type of hunting is very exciting and sporty and is most often used in relatively open areas. In this case, the hunter must approach the male at a distance of a confident shot and hit him. The deer should not notice the hunter and the accompanying person who are chasing it. Often skradyvanie lasts for several hours, and the hunter is forced to walk for a long time crouching, sometimes on the water, and freeze for a long time.

Hunting begins in the early morning with the approach to the place where the herd of males graze. If the wind blows in the direction of the animals, the hunters have to make a long detour. Quite often, many hours of tracking can disrupt other animals or frightened birds. As a rule, in such cases, the male freezes for 10-15 minutes and looks carefully in the direction of the noise. All this time, the hunters must stand without moving, even in very uncomfortable positions.

In most hunting farms (and abroad-in all), a hunter who has extracted a red deer has the right only to a head with horns.

If tracking and hunting lasted a week or more – even on the back foot. The rest of the meat should be purchased at the market value (high enough). The carcass is processed and taken out by the huntsman’s assistants.

Deer trail on the Mat (from the approach)
The red deer is sure to have a rest during the day. During the day, males lay in the sun, on a high place, so that they can have an overview. Less often, especially cloudy weather – in the thickets, but it is extremely difficult to find it there.

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