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The dog in the boar: selection and training, hunting

The boar is a very strong, wayward and ferocious animal. Stories about the rampant power and anger of a wounded cleaver are not the stuff of hunters. The force of his blows is such that it can easily break a tree, not that fragile human bones. Therefore, wild boar hunting must first be provided for in terms of security. Fully meets these requirements hunting from the tower, as well as roundups with a large number of participants. But the most interesting and exciting will be hunting wild boar with dogs, of which there is no better breed than huskies.

Why likes are preferable
Representatives of few hunting breeds of dogs differ in such universal qualities as huskies.The innate passion and malice for a large animal is in their blood, as well as complete fearlessness. At the same time, Western Siberian huskies show a particular dislike for pigs, while Eastern Siberian huskies no longer “like” bears. This is worth considering when going hunting with huskies.

Three heroes

Russian-European and Karelian-Finnish huskies are more careful in pursuing such a ferocious animal as a boar, and most often follow it silently (if they are not trained to give voice specifically), and start barking only when they are stopped. At the same time, they never attack, but wait for the approach of the hunter.

The huskies stopped the boar

According to the claims of fishermen, you can safely go to the wild boar with one Western Siberian husky, and other breeds-it is better to have at least a couple of dogs. Unfortunately, there are very few dogs that can stop the cleaver and let the hunter take it.

Comparison with other dogs
In comparison with other breeds, huskies have many advantages. They are extremely hardy – not every hound can drive a large animal for so long and without interruption. They have sufficient viscosity (works on the beast, not stopping the pursuit of it for as long as it has enough strength and endurance) and are able to make their own decisions away from the hunter. And representatives of this breed are able to Dodge fangs and are strong enough for wounds. It is very difficult to knock the husky out of the building, often even a seriously injured dog performs its functions in excitement, without feeling pain.

Huskies — let’s go hunting

In the press and among hunters, there is a lot of speculation that small dogs (Terriers, for example) are better suited for winter hunting, since they do not fall into the snow and are more agile in the forest thickets. This is a myth of pure water. A Terrier weighs about as much as a Fox – 5-7 kg, and a cheat still falls through. The boar, especially a wounded animal, will drive dogs reeds, thickets near ponds or ravines with high vegetation. A small dog will flounder there for a long time, and the beast will leave during this time.

Brave Terrier gets stuck in the snow

It is also necessary to take into account such an important factor that on a straight section of the boar, even with a wound, easily catches up with any dog. To avoid an attack, the dog is forced to jump sharply to the side, and there are almost always bushes, high grass, fallen trees. Even for a medium-sized dog, this jump is difficult, and for short dogs it is almost impossible. Snow further limits the maneuverability of small dogs. Medium-sized dogs with thin legs also get stuck in the snow, lag behind the beast and quickly run out of strength.

Wild boar hunting in winter

But huskies are so hardy that they can work energetically and confidently for many hours in a row.

Large and fighting dogs are also not suitable for boar hunting. They are very aggressive, and in the program they have laid hold of the enemy and push their power. All attempts to take pit bulls, Caucasians and wolfhounds to the boar ended in a rather deplorable way: the dogs clung to the boar with a death grip and prevented the hunter from making a targeted shot. To free your assistant (and this is not so easy because of the strong grip), hunters need to take a big risk-to come close to the enraged beast and shoot him right in the ear (if possible) or to prick with a knife. And then for a long time to tear off the dogs that have lost their sense of reality. Many more powerful boar even pressed the weight of his body, deliberately throwing himself on the ground to get free.


The West Siberian huskies are undoubtedly the best in terms of the set of elements of the work. Although this does not exclude that among other breeds there may be real nuggets. In recent times there are lines drahthaar, which are paired perfectly driven boar and down under the shot.

Nataska on a wild boar
There are big differences on this issue. Some believe that starting from 6 months, the puppy should start preparing for a serious hunt, while others strongly disagree and argue that it is not necessary to incite the dog earlier than a year. In my opinion, 6 months is very early, but with 8 you can introduce hunting.

Wild boars! I’m growing!

The first factor that will allow you to raise a good animal dog is the presence of a pedigree. It is desirable that parents and grandparents have appropriate working diplomas and hunting experience.

The second moment – with 3 months puppy for games need to give a flap skins boar, and even better-sew him the cushion and to lend play. Puppy not to beat and not to suppress aggressiveness, not to allow, to his offended senior dogs and cats. Games with a puppy to build in such a way that it all worked out.

The third point, which is of great importance in the education of a gambling viscous hunter: at the age of 7-9 months, bring it to the boar that was obtained on the hunt, give it a sniff, lick the blood, be sure, like other dogs, to give a piece of meat when cutting. At this point, it is possible to estimate future working qualities of the dog. If it immediately pounces on the beast, begins to tear the bristles, then it will work well on a live animal. If the puppy is afraid to approach for the first time, do not yell at him, but encourage him, let him down and give him a Pat. If the dog’s eyes light up from excitement and anger-then everything is fine and the future hunter can be trained further.

A timid puppy that does not dare to approach the boar, it is better to cull immediately and reorient to other types of hunting.

In the future, there are two ways to nataski huskies: on their own and at the pritravochnoy station.

Master! They’re here!

Independent nataska is that with a young dog to go to the land where there is an animal, to acquaint with the traces, from 10 months you can take on a hunt, which involves experienced viscous huskies, who will teach everything they can by personal example.

Pritravku in the enclosure can also be started from 9-10 months, and the first sessions should not be longer than 15 minutes.

For pritravki puppies in the aviary should not be a cleaver!

For the first time, it will be enough if the dog barks at the boar from a distance of 3-5 meters until it can’t stand it and throws itself at it. After that, the dog should chase him. If this does not happen, you need to scare the animal off and start the chase – then the puppy will connect on its own. See the video for how the pritravka works.

Video: pritravka huskies on wild boar
As soon as the dog begins to make strong clutches, deftly dodges the attacks of the animal and annoying him drives, classes in the enclosure should be stopped. The fact is that in this case, the boar is not shot. The dog will not see the result of his work and may lose interest in this case.

"Wild people": an echo of a long-standing shot
More than five years have passed since the leader of a fairly large pack of feral dogs that robbed the land and undermined the well-being of the surrounding villagers was…


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