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Hunting black grouse with a COP

With COP dogs, they hunt all forest game: capercaillie, grouse, woodcock and black grouse. But the most popular is still hunting black grouse-killer whale.

About the behavior and lifestyle of black grouse
It is distributed throughout the forest and forest-steppe zone of our country, only in the remote taiga you will not find it. In summer and autumn, birds adhere to open spaces, most often they can be found on the outskirts of fields, meadows, and moss swamps. Recently, due to the decline of agriculture in many regions of the country, black grouse moved to the fields overgrown with young birch trees. In the dense forest, birds leave only when the autumn rains are prolonged or when the wind is strong.

They spend part of their time on the ground and part of their time in trees. In summer, they prefer to be on the ground, while the broods adhere to lowlands with thickets of dense shrubs and tall grass, as well as the outskirts of grain fields and swamps with berries. The closer the autumn cold, the more often birds can be seen in the trees.

By the end of summer, the young are almost comparable to the size and weight of an adult bird. Only the color still gives them away. In young black grouse, only the head and chest are black, and the back is dark brown with mottling. There are very few brown shades in adult birds.

The female is easy to distinguish at this time of year from young and adult males, her plumage is reddish, with brown and black mottling, and the tail does not have the characteristic curved feathers — the lyre.

From year to year, if they are not much disturbed, the birds live in almost the same places, but depending on the weather, the abundance and variety of food, they can move to the most favorable places. This should be taken into account when searching for them.

So in years with a hot and dry summer, the most likely location of birds will be wet places: the outskirts of swamps, lowlands with bushes, dense young birch trees next to streams and ravines. In rainy years, they prefer to be near meadows, fields with grain crops, and can often be found on hills with berries along forest edges.

It is also necessary to take into account that at the end of summer black grouse adhere mainly to berry fields, at the beginning of autumn grain fields, and later birch groves.
Habitats for birds in the autumn

How is the grouse hunt going
For this event, in principle, any breed of police dogs is suitable, as long as it is properly trained and trained. A good assistant to the hunter will be the dog that has a narrow search, knows how to work with a riding and trail sense and is also obedient.

When we get to the land where the birds may be, we take into account the wind direction and let the dog search. It is always necessary to direct the COP at the game only from under the wind. Having discovered the forays, it follows the trail and makes the birds run away and hide, after pulling the dog makes a stand, thereby indicating where they hid. The hunter carefully approaches the shot and lets the dog go forward.

In that case, if the dog picked up one bird, it is worth more carefully combing this place, perhaps the others ran away further.

In order for the hunt to be successful, you need to imagine how the grouse behave when the dog approaches.

When the COP detects their scent, the brood runs away and hides. When approaching a dog, as a rule, the first adult female rises, it is not necessary to shoot her, if the brood of late young can die. But after it, the other birds take off, then you need to be ready and not miss the moment. After the shots, you need to watch where the flock will move, sometimes they fly away within sight and you can try to find them again and pick them up.

It is worth adding that adult killer whales at this time of year behave somewhat differently when detected by their dog. They tend to run away from it quickly, and if the dog does not linger on the trail, it will soon pick up the rooster. In the opposite case, the grouse will be able to run away and rise outside the shot. At the same time, it tries to go into dense thickets and, even if it is raised here on the wing, bushes and trees will prevent it from shooting successfully.

In August, use cartridges equipped with shot #5 or #6, in September, # 5 and #4.

Hunting for grouse broods begins at the end of August and continues until the end of September, closer to October, young birds stop standing, broods break up and begin to form flocks, but hunting for these birds does not end. In late autumn, grouse continue to be mined with stuffed animals, and in winter on holes.

Decree Of the Governor of the Omsk region" on determining the types of permitted hunting and parameters of hunting on the territory of the Omsk region " dated 31.07.2015 No. 134
Decree Of the Governor of the Omsk region" on determining the types of permitted hunting and parameters of hunting on the territory of the Omsk region " dated 31.07.2015 No.…


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