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Bow, crossbow, Pneumatics and hunting with them

This review will focus on air rifles, bows and crossbows for hunting. You will learn about the characteristics and features of these weapons, as well as the subtleties of hunting with them.

The first and most important question for any person who is not familiar with the subject: which is more powerful – a bow, a crossbow or a pneumatic gun? Although he is clearly from the series ” will the whale take the elephant?”, but with enviable regularity appears in search queries. It seems that it is time to more or less determine the answer. To immediately otmuchitsya and close the quantitative segment of the problem, here are the average indicators of “power”, but in fact-the energy and speed of shells typical representatives of hunting bows and crossbows, as well as air rifles, spring-piston (PPP) and pre-pumped (PCP).

Table 1. Characteristics of firearms.

Weapon projectile Weight (g) Speed m / s energy (j)
Pistol (9×18) 6 315 300
Smoothbore rifle (12×70) 33 450 3350
The rifle 7,62x54r 12 770 3500
Carbine 9, 3×64 17 750 4800
I emphasize that we consider standard products in the original version of the manufacturer, without any additional “overclocking”. But all of them meet real hunting requirements. Only objects of hunting are different, by weight — and a thousand times.

Table 2. The characteristics of the pneumatic weapon.

Weapon projectile Weight (gr.) Speed (m\sec) Energy (j.)
Magnum air rifle 4.5 mm 0.68 240 20
Air rifle PPP “supermagnum” 4.5 mm 0.68 310 33
Air rifle PCP 4.5 mm 1 300 45
Air rifle PCP 12.7 mm 18 220 430
Table 3. Characteristics of bows and crossbows.

Weapon projectile Weight (g) Speed m / s energy (j.)
Recursive bow 70 lbs 23 75 65
Block bow 70 lbs 23 106 130
Recursive crossbow 225 lbs 25 100 125
Block crossbow 185 lbs 25 115 165
Well, we answered the question ” who is more powerful?”. Are you satisfied? I’m not!In fact, all of his questioners are not interested in bare numbers, but in the practical use of these weapons, that is, the striking ability. But it is something streamyou and rifles is very different.

Features of air rifles.
Again, let’s start with Pneumatics. There is no fundamental difference with firearms, the main task is to transfer the maximum amount of energy to the target, causing lethal damage to internal organs. To do this, it is highly desirable to avoid a through wound, in which the bullet carries away some of this energy. But here lies the fundamental difference between military and hunting approaches. In the first case, the principles of humane methods of warfare have been in force for a hundred years, in particular, prohibiting the use of expansive (explosive) bullets, and a through wound, on the contrary, is welcome. Roughly speaking, the enemy should be given a chance.In hunting, the principle is the opposite. There is also a kind of “humanity”: since the “infirmary-medal-disability allowance” does not Shine on the beast, then you need to get it quickly, if possible, avoiding unnecessary torment. Hence the use of various expansive ammunition, where the bullet in the body begins to open up like a “flower”, or break up into segments. They fly worse than usual.

expansive bullet

Photo 1. An expansive bullet.

The selection of ammunition is an eternal compromise between speed-grazing and stopping ability.This is especially true for Pneumatics. It doesn’t have the thousands of joules of energy that can create temporary pulsating cavities in the body that are characteristic of firearms due to hydrodynamic shock.Therefore, special accuracy and accuracy are required from the shooter.

example of a water hammer

Photo 2. Example of a water hammer.

Air rifle “Gamo Socom 1250”

Pneumatics for hunting Gamo Socom 1250

Before us is a spring-piston “supermagnum “”Gamo Socom 1250”, issuing a caliber of 4.5 mm 310 m / s and 33 j of energy with a bullet of 0.68 grams.Most biological targets designed for this power will be freely stitched through with a light high-speed bullet. However, the remaining energy in the flesh, especially when hit “in place”, is quite enough for the production of a dove-grouse, up to a rabbit.Moreover, from the usual 20-Joule “Magnum” is not so difficult to take a fairly large hare-hare with a precise hit in the head.Here’s the thing. In hunting, game often falls from a single “Golden” shot/ buckshot. Sometimes you can’t find the entrance hole at once, as if the animal died of a heart attack.Pellets of 4.5 mm caliber in terms of weight and size characteristics approximately correspond to fractions from ” 00 ” to “000” (hare, Fox, capercaillie). And if on a section of the trunk a single shot is noticeably faster/more energy than the bullet, then with increasing distance this difference is first leveled, and then changes the sign (for the” supermagnum”, of course, earlier). This is the advantage of rifled weapons, which include almost all long-barreled Pneumatics.

Air rifle with pre-pumping ” Career Dragon Slayer”
air rifle Career Dragon Slayer

A heavy 18-gram .50-caliber bullet (12.7 mm) develops only 220 m / s, but produces 430 joules. And all of them will go to the carcass of a deer, which, in fact, such weapons and ammunition are intended for.These rifles also have drawbacks. In addition to the sky-high price, these are small shooting distances, low projectile speed and related ricochets from any branch. But, again, when hit “in place”, an acceptable stopping action.

heavy bullets

Photo 3. Heavy bullets.

Features of using bows and crossbows.
In terms of energy, bows and crossbows for hunting are ten times weaker than guns and rifles (see the tables), and are used mainly for hunting animals. In historical terms, there were, of course, exceptions to the monstrous force of tension, cocked with the help of a gate and a partner. They fired heavy steel “bolts” and were intended for knocking out armored riders, preferably with the penetration of knight armor. In short, it is rather not small arms, but a kind of medieval anti-tank guns.In combat and hunting, quite different devices were used EN masse, and their striking factors also looked different. This is how crossbow and Archer hunting takes place today, where a powerful beast with a high pain threshold and a level of” life force ” simply loses it, stitched through with an arrow with razor-sharp tip blades.

arrowhead of a bow and crossbow

Photo 4. Arrowhead.

This occurs due to the cutting of blood vessels, which causes rapid blood loss. Clearly, we are not talking about a sniper shot in the artery. In addition to the heart and liver, which are also very difficult to get into with a strelomet, the main goal is the lungs. The organ is quite solid, paired, that is, located on both sides of the body, besides densely permeated with a network of blood vessels. With the blood, life gradually flows out. I have a suspicion that the animal does not even understand what is happening to it, but simply runs away and, feeling suddenly drowsy, lies down to rest. This is if you do not scare him, with a triumphant yell, jumping out of hiding. Then the animal “on adrenaline” is able to get away from the hunter for hundreds of meters, often with ends. In this case, you will need a strong (at least 60 Lbs) block bow for hunting.

block bow for hunting

Photo 5. Compound bow .

crossbow for hunting

Photo 6. Recursive crossbow for hunting ( 200 lbs )

block crossbow

Photo 7. Block crossbow for hunting.

But there are also types of hunting, where the arrow does not” sew”, but, like a bullet, transmits its energy to the game – for example, hunting”in Peru”. For these purposes, completely different tips are used, so-called shockers. First of all, it’s not even a hunting bow that’s strong enough to do it. In any case, the usual “recursive” from 40-45 lbs will do. And secondly, such splay tips prevent long-range flight of the arrow, and even get confused in the branches and grass, and it is relatively easy to find, including when you miss.

Shocker tips

Photo 8. Shocker tips.

bow for hunting

Photo 9. Recurve bow for hunting (40-45 lbs)

Subjective indicators of the power of bows, crossbows and Pneumatics
If we are talking not about hunting, but about entertainment “the heroes” of the dispute, I can say the following. A Magnum-class spring-piston rifle sews a half-inch Board straight through, and splits some (apparently with defects). “Supermagnum” is able to make holes in household metal products-please note, with soft lead pellets. “Dispersed” rifles with modified ammunition do this elementary. A blind fence made of corrugated Board for Pneumatics is not an obstacle — keep this in mind.A standard block crossbow at 95 lbs/43 kgf at a 30-meter Board distance usually splits. Moreover, the arrow pricks and not too thick (up to 10 centimeters) trees, however, while getting stuck in the split. Profiled flooring and similar materials do not notice at all, losing, however, the plumage. In the hunting version, released from a crossbow with reinforced shoulders, it destroys everything that comes in the way, including the frail spatula of a large animal. The 40-pound recurve bow is much more loyal to various obstacles, mostly arrows. But the legal “blocker” at 60 Lbs (27 kgf) thrashes no worse than the forbidden powerful hunting crossbow.

Hunting with a bow, crossbow and Pneumatics
Contrary to the prevailing opinion of the shooting people, hunting with Pneumatics in Russia has long been successfully resolved. It is enough to type in the search engine “List of tools for obtaining objects of the animal world, related to the objects of hunting, allowed for use”. This document does not need any comments.

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