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TOP 7 popular sights of Vologda optical and mechanical plant
Vologda optical and mechanical plant occupies one of the leading positions in the Russian market of hunting sights. Thanks to the implementation of an effective development strategy, the company is…

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Powers of the hunting inspector
According to paragraph 7 of article 41 of the Federal law "on hunting and conservation of hunting resources and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation", the…

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TOP 7 popular sights of Vologda optical and mechanical plant

Vologda optical and mechanical plant occupies one of the leading positions in the Russian market of hunting sights. Thanks to the implementation of an effective development strategy, the company is actively gaining export markets. Today Vologda sights are delivered to 21 countries of the world.

Vologda optical and mechanical plant JSC (VOMZ JSC), part of the shvabe innovation Holding, has been supplying optical sights to the international market since 2000. At present, the company’s export range includes more than 30 products. All sights of JSC “VOMZ” are made on modern equipment from high-quality materials and meet the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2008 and Russian-GOST ISO 9001-2011.

Based on sales on the international market in 2014-2015, we have compiled a rating of the seven most popular hunting sights of JSC “VOMZ” in the countries of the near and far abroad.

7th place
Closed collimator sight P1x25

The main advantage of the pritselar1x25 in comparison with open – type collimator devices is the increased protection of the optical part. It is located in a sealed cylindrical silumin case and is hidden from the negative effects of precipitation, dirt and dust.

Technical parameters. The P1x25 sight with 1x magnification is equipped with a red adjustable illumination and a Dot-type sighting mark. It will be convenient when shooting at long distances and fast moving objects, as the closed case somewhat narrows the field of view for the shooter and increases the accuracy of aiming.

The P1x25 sight is suitable for mounting on medium-and large-caliber long-barreled firearms. Scope of the device: dynamic hunting, shooting at fast-moving objects, sports shooting, airsoft.

6th place
P1x20 open collimator sight

The p1x20 open-type subcompact collimator sight is an ideal solution for novice hunters.The device with 1-fold magnification is equipped with a red Dot-type sighting mark. Thanks to the automatic brightness adjustment, the novice hunter will be able to shoot accurately at fast or randomly moving objects at any level of natural light.

Technical parameters. The p1x20 case is made of high-tech silumin, an aluminum-silicon alloy. This material is resistant to corrosion in humid atmosphere and sea water, in slightly acidic and alkaline environments. The body of the sight is protected from dust and water splashes, so cloudy weather will not interfere with hunting.

The device has a small weight (80 grams) and small dimensions, so it is ideal for small arms with large and normal caliber, as well as for small-caliber carbine or shotgun with a “Weaver” bar (0.18 inch pitch) or “Picatinny” (0.394 inch).

5th place
Optical sight of variable multiplicity PV 1,2-6x24l

This optical device allows you to smoothly change the magnification index in the range from 1.2 x to 6x. the Sight is designed for searching and tracking game, corral hunting (shooting range up to 100-150 m) or hunting from the approach, as well as for shooting at small objects.

Technical parameters. The multi-layer antireflective coating of the PV 1,2-6x24l lenses provides the shooter with comfortable conditions in the dawn-dusk lighting or when shooting at targets on a complex background. The location of the sighting grid in the ocular focal plane of the device also does not cause discomfort to the hunter, since its size does not transform when changing the multiplicity.

The PV 1,2-6x24l has a red reticle illumination with a 9-level brightness adjustment system. Among the advantages of the sight, you can also highlight the extended range of diopter aiming of the eyepiece – ±5.

4th place
Optical sight of variable multiplicity PV2-10X48L

Pylad PV 2-10x48l is a model that combines a powerful lens and optical surfaces with multi-layer illumination. It simplifies the process of target detection, recognition and search, providing accurate shooting at various distances (with an increase of 2-10 times – up to 100-150 m). This sight is designed for mobile hunting.

Technical parameters. The sight is equipped with a modified all-metal body with good resistance to shock loads. The extended landing section makes it easier to install the device on the gun.

The PV 2-10x48l reticle is located in the ocular focal plane of the sight, so it is not subject to transformation when changing the multiplicity. The device is equipped with a red grid illumination with 9-level brightness adjustment.

3rd place
Open collimator sight PFO 1×25

A distinctive feature of the compact collimator sight of the open type PFO 1×25 is the led emitter. Thanks to this innovative component, the device does not require a battery and can be used in natural daylight without a time limit.

Technical parameters. The PFO 1×25 sight is designed for mounting on hunting weapons with a vented bar (width 5.5-10 mm). The device has a sighting mark “Circle with a point”, which increases the accuracy of aiming and contributes to accuracy and speed of shooting.

The body of the sight is made of light and durable silumin and is protected from dust, dirt and water splashes. The PFO 1×25 can withstand shock loads within 800 g and is designed for hunting firearms of any caliber.

The device is well suited for: shooting “on the jump” – the optimally selected size of the point and circle allow you to quickly capture and lead the target; “aiming” small objects at a long distance – the small size of the point does not overlap the target.

2nd place
Optical sight of constant multiplicity P3, 5x20s

The prototype for the P3, 5x20s was the PU sight for the Mosin rifle, which was used by snipers during the great Patriotic war. In addition to the external stylistic similarity, the device with a 3.5-fold magnification is also equipped with a mechanical wire sighting grid.It will be an ideal solution for paddock and running hunting.

Technical parameters. The sight has a water-proof shock-resistant body and has a working temperature range of -50°C to +50°C. P3, 5×20 is equipped with a “Stump” type sighting grid.The sighting mark, located in the focal plane of the lens, is convenient for shooting at a distance of up to 300 m on sedentary or stationary objects. The device has a diopter correction of the eyepiece in the range of ±4 DPTR, which allows you to adjust the optics in accordance with the features of the observer’s vision.

Open collimator sight R1x42

P1x42 is the flagship of the Pilad open collimator sights line produced by Vologda optical and mechanical plant JSC.The compact device is designed for accurate aiming of weapons at various, including fast-moving targets.

Technical parameters.The device has a metal waterproof housing with anti-reflective coating and can withstand shock loads up to 800 g without loss of performance properties.The battery compartment and control buttons are equipped with rubber seals to protect them from dirt and moisture.

R1x42 is equipped with the largest screen in the line of collimator sights of JSC “VOMZ” – the lens size is 34×26 mm. the design of the sight provides three types of sighting marks and brightness adjustment of the sighting mark.

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