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Hunting for a wolf on a privade

Any type of hunting requires a lot of time, money and their own labor. And even in this case, it will not always be prey. Too much serious opponents – according to many scientists, it was from wolves that our ancestors borrowed all the basic techniques and tactics of hunting.

The benefits of hunting over bait
But there is one way that allows you to take the animal with a minimum of cost, even alone, and at the same time it is quite sporty, in contrast to hunting on the lair or using samolovov, which are still closer to serious fishing or even biotechnical events. This is a hunt for a sit-in. Its advantages include the still relatively high level of comfort for the hunter.

hunting over bait

Bait and ambush it is possible to place almost outside the village – the main thing. to avoid being sanctioned for shooting “at least 200 meters”. And what is most interesting, a wary and distrustful animal in its thicket or on the crossing near human habitation is often more relaxed, since it realizes the complete inoffensiveness of most people wandering the streets. At the same time, he has long been aware that people are also the most stupid creatures in terms of recycling products – for some reason they do not like rotten meat and other similar “delicacies”. Moreover, they are also scattered wherever they fall.

But even if the case is far from home, it is still not the hunter who runs after the wolf, but the wolf itself comes under the shot. This is the basis of the hunt for privade.

And whether there are minuses of such hunting? How not to be. The main one is the wolf himself. There are many cases when a person almost for years tried to lure animals to a sit-down, and they calmly evaluated all the manipulations of the hunter from a distance, then waited for him to go to rest, and took away the bait. For many, this was an unpleasant discovery made thanks to the advent of web cameras.

Hunting with the use of towers
Hunting on a bait is a way in which a wolf is lured to a person using various lures. In hunting farms, either specialized insulated towers or portable ones are used, which do not imply high comfort. Portable ladders and storage rooms are also used. Fixed towers are usually placed in places where there is a year-round transition of wolves.

In order to attract predators, the fields near the towers are sown with forage crops. This attracts boars, and later, of course, the wolves themselves. In winter, food is laid out to attract wild boar. Such towers should be installed near nature reserves, as there is usually a large number of wolves.

Secrets of the right bait
As bait, you can use the meat of animals that have died from a disease (not contagious) and waste from the meat industry. Bait for the wolf you need to do is abundant, as suspiciously small baits a wolf round.

bait for the wolves

Privada is a certain amount of meat or animal carcass. Often hunters do not want to bother themselves and just lay the meat on the ground. But they do not take into account that the animal treats such food with great suspicion.

There are a few more disadvantages to simply unfolding the bait:

Lack of control over the safety of bait that can be taken away by birds and other animals.
It is not possible to preserve meat in the form in which it remains attractive to wolves.
It is difficult to predict the behavior of the wolf and find out where it can approach the bait.
In order to avoid such errors during hunting, it is worth learning about the ways to properly install the bait. You can extend the effect of the bait by burying the meat in the ground. In the case when hunting occurs in winter, the buried graft is watered. The pit for grafting on a wolf in depth is about 2 m. then the carcasses of animals are placed in the pit. Above the pit, a plank floor is constructed, in which a hole is left for the pipe. Put a heater that does not allow decomposing meat to stop emitting a smell.

The pipe installed in the pit and coming out through the flooring of the boards is plugged with something, so that the smell does not come out of the pit. When hunting, the pipe opens, releasing the smell of rotting meat that attracts wolves. If necessary, the contents of the pit are stirred, thereby causing the smell to increase.

In winter, the carcass of a dead animal can be covered with snow and well compacted. But at the same time, leaving part of the animal in sight will help attract the animal.

You can use recipes for odorous baits
Many hunters claim that the odorous mixture made from may beetles has a miraculous effect. It should be prepared in advance-from spring. In a clay pot, put 200 grams of melted butter, a layer of may beetles on top, then oil again – make several layers. Tightly tied with a bubble or parchment, the vessel is placed in the sun and stands there until the entire contents are completely decomposed.
A good attractive mixture is obtained from raw fish and blubber. In a clay vessel, finely chopped fish is laid out, and fish or seal fat is poured over it. Fish decomposed in fat has a very strong smell. If you add musk to it (1 liter of the mixture for 4 grams of musk) and 3 grams of aniseed oil, you will get a mixture with a strong smell that attracts a wolf at a great distance.
A good strong-smelling mixture that is prepared by hunters from fresh liver or light animal and anise. Finely chopped lung or liver is placed in a wide-necked vessel and mixed with anise at the rate of 1 kg of liver or lung 3-5 g of anise. The vessel is placed in the sun until it is completely decomposed. This mixture is suitable for use in all seasons.
Well attracts wolf musk ointment on the basis of meat. Meat (preferably hare) is minced twice, mixed with cow’s oil (400 g) and fish oil (100 g) to the mixture add 25 grams of musk musk, boiled in oil with chopped white onions and green nightshade. Then the mixture is laid out in a glass vessel, left for two months on the windowsill in a well-lit place. When the mixture is thoroughly sour and begins to emit a sharp smell of sour sheepskin, you can use the bait in hunting.
The ointment prepared according to the following recipe is also good: 200 grams of meat, best of all hare, is put in a glass bottle with a wide throat and put in a warm place for a month. When the meat is completely decomposed, you need to add 4 cups of spermaceti, blubber or fish oil, as well as 2.5 grams of beaver or perfume musk. Mix the contents, seal the bottle. You can apply the ointment in a week. The bottle lasts for several seasons.
Blood bait is made from the blood of a domestic or wild animal. In order to protect the bait from rapid coagulation, you need to add a solution of magnesium sulfate in a ratio of 1:2 or 1: 3. Sometimes, instead of magnesium sulphate, sodium sulphate (Glauber’s salt) is used. For 1 liter of blood, add half a glass of water with a diluted teaspoon of Glauber’s salt. The solution is used to simulate the blood trail of a wounded animal. It is good to scatter small pieces of meat of any animal on the trail.
Hunt the natural bait
This type of hunting is preferable because the animals do not behave too carefully. The process of hunting looks the same as that of an artificial bait, but instead of a tower, a lab or ladder is used.

Labaz-a device constructed from boards and located on trees. The warehouse is used for sitting out the hunter. Experienced hunters while hunting the wolf using a portable storage shed (treestand) or stairs.

hunting a wolf from lobaz

The ladder, as well as the storage shed, is installed near the path that the predator should follow, at a distance of about 150 m to leeward, so that the wolf does not feel the hunter. At this distance from the bait, the animal behaves less carefully, which is what the hunter needs.

When installing a sit-down, special attention should be paid to the convenience of shooting from a sitting position. The distance of the shot is determined by the choice of weapons and the protective conditions of the hunting grounds. The farther the distance from the wolf trail, the more likely it is that the wolf will not notice the hunter.

Ladder design and features
Make a ladder for hunting is not difficult. To make it, you will need:

light poles about 3.5 m long
8 crossbars of 85-90 cm, which must have sufficient strength to withstand the weight of a person
portable ladder

Also, a crossbar about 1.5 m long should be nailed to the top of the stairs to install the structure between a number of growing trees. A seat is usually made on the stairs, so that the hunter can sit comfortably there, because it takes a long time to wait.

For its production, two crossbars are nailed to the stairs on different sides of the stairs. One of the crossbars should be nailed higher, since the ladder after installation between the trees is at a slight angle. Crossbars that serve as a seat should be processed for a more comfortable location for the hunter.

It is recommended to sit on a soft surface during the sit-down, because the hunting time is measured by hours. To soften the seat, you can use improvised tools: a bag of straw or a piece of foam. The distance to the crossbar under the feet of the person sitting on the stairs should be equal to the length of his Shin.

The hunter’s feet should never be in the air or raised too high. When properly positioned on the stairs, the legs are comfortably supported on the crossbar. Do not forget about the back of a sitting person – a special crossbar is made under it, which has a length of at least 1.5 m.

Hunting at the lair
Sit-in is used when a wolf’s lair is found. For grafting on a wolf, it is best to catch a cub and use it to attract an adult. A metal collar is put on the cub, after which it is tied to a steel cable near the lair.

hunting for a wolf at the lair

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