Scheme of placement, use and protection of hunting grounds on the territory of the Novosibirsk region
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Winter moose pen: weapons and features.

This hunt has a nuance that determines the increased requirements for safety. First, it is unattractive for “trophy” hunters who usually have a high shooting training – in December, and even more so by January, the elk shed their magnificent horns. And on the contrary, often this purely collective creativity involves not welded teams, but a “team Solyanka” of people who are not familiar with each other. And for many, this is the first experience of working in a team.

The Manager of the hunt (head, chief, senior-all in different ways) can not be envied. Sometimes a third of the half-platoon of Riflemen are novices, with whom you can’t do the usual brief briefing. Meet and pronounced individualists-nihilists.Just in case of fire, the distribution of numbers for all of them will have to be carried out not by lot, but by looking for places, taking into account the practical impossibility of firing along the shooting line.

Fortunately, the vast majority of the preparatory and practical work in the pen falls to the share of Rangers. From the hunters themselves on the numbers required not so much: clearly follow the orders of the senior, comply with the requirements of TB and hunting ethics. And, of course, be able to shoot and hit a moving target. The latter is facilitated by the comparative slowness of the object of hunting – after all, the largest representative of the deer family.

Running elk

To successfully defeat an elk, you can use all existing types of hunting firearms, in the appropriate caliber, of course, and exclusively bullet.

Smooth-bore weapons
For a long time, Russian hunters use smoothbore weapons when hunting large animals. Currently, Russia has accumulated a great deal of experience, both negative and positive, in the use of bullets of various designs in conjunction with smoothbore weapons. Immediately it must be said that for getting wild boar and elk, weapons of the 12th and 16th calibers are used as the most suitable for slaughter. Hunting rifles, despite their machine production, remain individual in some of their parameters. Suffice it to say that the tolerance for the bore diameter is +0.2 mm, and the nominal diameters of the bore channels produced by our companies differ by 0.3 mm, so the possible difference in diameters will be 0.5 mm. a Bullet of the same caliber may well match one gun and not be suitable for another. Therefore, a prerequisite for the correct equipment of the cartridge with any bullet is that the diameter of the bullet corresponds to the diameter of the barrel channel.

MP-18M-M Junior

What makes a shotgun different from others? First of all, this is still a single-barreled gun. Double-barreled guns very often have STP barrels that do not coincide with each other even at any one distance, not to mention the combination of STP of both barrels on the entire trajectory. Theoretically, the combination of STP is done at a distance of 35 meters, but in relation to shooting a bullet, this combination is very conditional.

Therefore, it is not necessary to assign priority shooting with a bullet to a double-barreled gun. Pump or self-loading – this is who likes what, although self-loading is more rapid-fire. In reality, the first shot is the determining factor in hunting, and subsequent shots can be greatly hindered by the rapid movement of the animal. Self-loading models, especially gas vents, reduce the perceived impact. We should not forget that the pump-action guns are sometimes jammed with cartridges of even average quality, not to mention bad ones, which slows down the rate of fire, since you have to make great efforts when reloading. This is especially evident in pump-action weapons with a wedge locking the bore and using cartridges with fast-burning gunpowder. It is much more reliable in these conditions to operate a pump with a rotary mechanism for locking the bore (Winchester 1300).

Winchester 1300Defender

Many foreign guns-pump it or self-loading – to a greater or lesser extent do not like domestic primers (KV-22, KV-21, KV-209), this must be taken into account when independently equipping bullet cartridges. The exception is the Browning weapon. The pump is much better than a semi-automatic feeds self-loaded cartridges. Although semi-automatic “saiga-12” functions very reliably on independently equipped cartridges. In General, semi-automatic gas vents are the most reliable scheme for bullet shooting.

Muzzle constriction can be replaced, since different bullet designs show the optimal result with a certain constriction. This can be a cylinder, 0.25, pay, 0.75, or even a full chock. The optimal solution is to have a constant narrowing – “improved cylinder”. The length of the barrel of a bullet gun is traditionally shortened. The barrel 610 – 660 mm – optimal. The caliber of the gun is better than 12×76.

For safety reasons, bullets with a sharp shape of the head protruding from the cartridge case are not used in guns with a tube magazine under the barrel, in order to exclude the possibility of impaling the cap of the next cartridge under the influence of the displacement of the bullet from the recoil of the weapon.

Of course, the ideal weapon for bullet shooting would be a 12-gauge weapon with a fully rifled barrel in combination with Remington Copper Solid; Federal Sabot Slug; Winchester Partition Gold; Winchester Hi-Impact bullets .50 Sabot Slug. All bullets are sub-caliber, loaded in a plastic container-obturator. In Russia, you can sometimes find a similar barrel (Fully rifled barrel)in the combo configuration for the Winchester Super X3 semi-automatic.

Remington Copper Solid

It is necessary to mention another feature of smoothbore weapons designed for bullet shooting. Taking into account the height of the seat and the height of various sighting devices (sight and bracket), a very high optical line of sight above the barrel is obtained, which results in a completely different retention of the weapon compared to a conventional smoothbore gun. To neutralize this disadvantage, almost all manufacturers of bullet weapons perform a bed with a high cheek and crest.

Semi-automatic and pump-action guns designed for animal hunting must have a magazine compartment or an inertial element in their design that allows quick replacement of the cartridge in the chamber in the event of a misfire.

The range of confident shooting of most bullets rarely exceeds 50 meters. But at the moment there are bullets, the design of which allows you to extract elk and wild boar at a distance of up to 80 meters. When shooting at a distance of 80 meters in the design of the bullet, it is necessary to combine two important parameters-accuracy and killability.

It is necessary to understand that each designer who created a bullet, as a rule, achieved good results only if certain conditions were met. A simple hunter, of course, can repeat this result, but for this he will need to solve a number of issues with the selection of components of a bullet cartridge. There are quite a lot of options for components, and even more results. Designers of modern bullets for smoothbore weapons, as a rule, interact with cartridge factories, so the most successful in design and ballistics of the bullet can be found in cartridges of industrial production.

Self-loading rifled weapons
A sufficient number of models of self-loading rifled weapons, both imported and domestic, have been created for hunting elk and wild boar. All these models have their pros and cons, which affect the effectiveness of hunting, depending on the conditions of its conduct.

Recently, among a certain part of hunters in Europe, there has been a tendency to use semi-automatic carbines on corral hunts. And weapons manufacturers immediately responded to this. Of course, it is better to learn how to shoot than to pour a hail of bullets on a trophy. This point of view has a right to exist, but many hunters shoot from self-loading weapons, and their reasons for this are very reasonable.

In Russia, self-loading rifled weapons have traditionally enjoyed great success among hunters. However, the low culture of many of our hunters and the poor organization of round-up hunts lead to the fact that the use of a semi-automatic carbine sometimes becomes simply dangerous for other participants of the hunt and unethical in relation to the beast.

Of course, self-loading weapons are indispensable in the first place on round-up boar hunts. Shooting on this hunt often requires re-firing at a fast-moving target in a forest setting. Weapons on such a hunt should have good handling, and the caliber should allow you to accurately re-fire.

Imported self-loading rifled weapons are most adapted for corralling collective hunts. It often has an acceptable weight, the ability to widely use various sighting devices, the calibers of this weapon meet purely hunting requirements. From imported samples of self-loading weapons for shooting wild boar and elk, we can recommend such models as Benelli Argo; Browning BAR II; Browning Short Track; Winchester SXR Vulcan; Merkel SR1.

Benelli Argo

Domestic models of self-loading carbines are overweight and have a poor balance; the Lodge leaves much to be desired in comparison with imported weapons. And it’s not that domestic weapons are bad. Not at all, it’s a good weapon. But it was originally intended not for hunting an animal, but for other, purely military purposes. It was designed for combat use, not only for shooting at the enemy, but also for hand-to-hand combat. It is clear that the elegant thin neck of the butt of lacquered walnut does not fit here.

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