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Badger hunting with huskies

A few days ago, a badger hunt is opened, which is not a very popular game nowadays. It seems to be clear: clothing-from synthetic materials, meat-from the store, voltaren – from rheumatism. But the main reason for this attitude is not knowing how to hunt it, because many people are sure that they can not do without burrowing dogs. Yes, this option is the most common, but it is not the only one. If you have a husky, then hunting with such an assistant is even more exciting!

Likes-for and against
Everyone who has the opportunity to compare badger prey with a burrowing dog (Dachshund, Terrier) and hunting with a husky, notes that the second method is much more interesting and primarily for the hunter himself.After all, he does not just have to wait for the end of the dog fight with the beast somewhere deep underground, but to be a full-fledged active participant in the hunt.

After a successful hunt

To properly prepare a husky for badger hunting, you need to know some of the biological characteristics of this animal.

Lifestyle of the badger
During the day, badgers sleep in their burrows and only come out to feed at dusk. But before that, they study for a long time at the exit of the burrow, whether there is a danger nearby – any predator or a person. If the animal is hungry and there is not enough food, it can leave at 5-6 o’clock in the evening, and return after sunrise. At night, he goes to his favorite feeding places and even after dark, he hurries back to his shelter. In General, the badger is an omnivore, but the basis of its diet is made up of plants, roots and various fruits. Although for one night he is able to get up to half a kilogram of frogs, worms and various larvae. During feeding, the animal is able to circumvent the territory of several square kilometers, but tries not to go far from the burrow. Badgers hibernate during the winter, from November to March-April. In the southern regions, where there is almost no snow, they do not sleep at all.

Our first priority will be to find a badger hole. It is easy to identify them and difficult to confuse them with the burrows of raccoon dogs and foxes. Most often, they are near any body of water, but are located on a hill. Around you can see piles of earth and sand, thrown out during digging and cleaning the hole.

Burrow and path

Every year, before hibernation, badgers update the litter in the burrow and apply fresh sedge, reeds, cattails, pieces of which will fill the path to the burrow. In addition, look at the trees near the burrows-badgers there sharpen their claws, just like domestic cats. Around the entrance, you can find gray hairs that the badger loses when it rubs against the edges of the entrance. And, of course, traces.

Young huskies, even trained for other game, should not be taken on a badger until they are 1.5 years old. The fact is that a gambling puppy can get into a hole and get stuck there, and a badger causes very dangerous and painful wounds, which can forever discourage the dog from hunting. Or she will be a coward at the most crucial moment.

At the priming station

Laika should be quite vicious, well-developed physically and obedient. Previously, the dog must be introduced to the object of hunting. It is best to do this at the priming station. As a rule, they keep badgers, raccoons, and other animals. Huskies are allowed to sniff the badger, then follow its trail, impose and hold it in place until the owner arrives.

No less successful will be pritravka in nature. It is desirable that such classes have a more experienced dog that has already gone on a badger hunt. This point is especially important if the first exits are made in the evening, because the young dog is unlikely to have been in the forest before and it will not be comfortable. In addition, in the company of young people, the dog feels supported and behaves more fiercely and maliciously.

Based on the characteristics of badgers ‘ life, you can only hunt them with huskies in the evening and at night. After all, because of its rather large size, the husky can not get into a narrow hole. This means that the dog will track the badger only outside the burrow, during feeding. Therefore, the hunting algorithm is assumed to be the following.

During the day, the dog must go around the grounds and identified badger shelters. The presence of an animal in a burrow can be determined by the behavior of the husky. If the animal is present – you just need to quietly leave and let it calm down. Then you should move away from the burrow at a distance of about a kilometer and wait for the onset of twilight. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the husky silently sat on a leash, did not bark or whine.

Looking forward to the evening

After dark, it is necessary to bring the dog on a leash to the hole. By the fact that it begins to react to a fresh trail, it becomes clear that the badger has already come out to fat. Then the husky should be released and it will go to look for the animal. The hunter should throw firewood at the entrance to the burrow, so that the animal could not drop in under the cover of darkness. By the way, there are always several exits from the burrow – it is desirable to find them during the day. After detection, the dog stops the badger and holds it in place, trying to grab the backside, giving voice signs to the hunter. Approaching the badger and husky, it is necessary to illuminate it with a flashlight and take a shot so as not to injure the dog.

The best option is if there are two hunters-one illuminates and puts the dogs down, and the second makes a sighting shot. Or the lantern should be installed on the barrels of the gun. In such a situation, when the hunted animal is simply protected in the cover, it can be taken even alive – with a special net, tenets, even just throwing a jacket.

In any case, you should practice shooting well. It is possible that you will need to make a second shot, and here the speed is important. The best target will be the front part of the body – the killing places are similar to those of the boar. If possible, use buckshot. You need to take into account the fact that the wounded animal will be in every possible way to rush to the hole. However, even if the wounded animal managed to escape from you, do not despair. We need to go back to the same place in the morning and check the entrance to the burrow. It is quite possible that the beast reached here.

Master, this way — he’s here!

In some regions, cartridges are not spent on badgers, but use a Trident fork-slingshot.

By the way, after the hunt, whatever it ended, the next day, be sure to release the entrance to the burrow. Then it will soon be occupied by other badgers, which will contribute to their reproduction.

Many hunters cling to the husky bell to find the dog and prey, because if the husky strangled the badger, then it just stops talking and stops giving voice. In this case, it will be very difficult to find an assistant in the night forest, and she will not throw her trophy.

The hunt is over

If the injured animal was able to jump back into the hole, do not worry – as a rule, it stops right at the entrance and the dog can get it easily. You can try to pull it out with your hands, but you need to wrap them with something tight to avoid bites.

Tips from an experienced hunter
It is not recommended to launch a husky into a burrow, although some practice such hunting during the day. The fact is that a large dog can get stuck there and then have to dig it out.

You don’t need to come here

Never shoot deep into a hole, even though you see a badger! If a dog puts its head in there, it will be shell-shocked. Even if the husky is outside, it can also be stunned and will not be able to perform its duties for a while.

If the badger is aggressive and fearless, it is better to remove the dog away from the burrow. Wounds are very dangerous and heal extremely difficult. Sometimes, huskies die-much more often than even when hunting wild boar. With all the versatility of these dogs, they are still designed for hunting on the surface, not underground.

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