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Beaver jet

In this review, we will tell you what a beaver jet is, in the treatment of which diseases it is used and what is the attitude of official medicine to this folk remedy.

Beaver stream-from what diseases, use in medicine, medicinal properties
Beaver jet is certainly one of the most outlandish for the uninitiated person means of folk medicine. Residents of Siberia and Altai have long considered it a medicine that can cure a person of any disease. Modern healers claim that this substance is not just a drug. The medicinal properties of the beaver jet are so significant that its proper use allows you to influence the vital forces of the patient, and by strengthening the immune system, they include their own “program” of recovery in the body. All this miraculous power is contained in the secret of the prianal glands of river beavers, which is considered a much more valuable product of production than meat and animal skins.

There are many ways to hunt a beaver, and the same number of arguments refuting the possibility of obtaining an effective healing product from the body of a beaver killed in a barbaric way. Caught by a trap, the animal drowns, and therefore gets the hunter not in the best form.

When trapping and (or) shooting hunting animals, it is prohibited to use standard leg-grabbing holding traps with steel arcs for trapping a wolf, raccoon dog, raccoon polosun, lynx, badger, forest marten, sable, ermine, otter, beaver, muskrat, except for trapping a wolf in order to regulate its number.

A beaver shot with a gun goes under the water, and its body found after a long search is also of no value. It is believed that in times of danger or ill health, the animal uses the healing secret accumulated in its glands to restore its own strength.

Our ancestors extracted beaver by cunning-damaged the dam built by them, and, hiding, waited until the owner arrived to repair it. The outcome of the fight for the right to possess healing glands was decided by a single blow with a club. The animal did not even have time to get scared, and the drug was delivered to the getter in a usable form. Now perianalny liquid secretion of glands of beavers in a humane manner is produced on special farms. But if the entire iron is needed to prepare medicines, the number of inhabitants of the farm will be reduced by one copy.

What is a beaver jet
So it is customary to call special paired glands, the outputs of which are located in the anal region of beavers. Animals use an orange-brown odorous secret secreted by glands to mark their territory. Many other animals have similar glands, including cats and dogs. But only in the beaver, the musk that accumulates in the glands has an acceptable smell for a person, has an outstanding biological activity and is used to treat a number of diseases.

In the prepared form, the prianal gland of the beaver (otherwise known as the castoreum), is a pair of small, somewhat wrinkled gray sacs connected by a connecting rope. Inside them is a viscous secret that has a persistent, characteristic smell. Due to the unusual aromatic range, this substance is used not only as a medicinal product, but has also found its application in professional perfumery. It is believed that the note introduced by beaver musk excites and aggravates the effect of spirits on subjects of the opposite sex.


The therapeutic properties of beaver of musk
To find out what chemicals determined the miraculous power of the secret of beaver glands, scientists subjected their contents to a comprehensive analysis. The presence of benzoic acids and benzyl alcohols, borneol, acetophenone, p-ethylphenol, and many other aromatic and biologically active substances was detected. In the past, the beaver stream was not so thoroughly studied, its healing power was taken for granted.

In the publications of the XVIII and XIX centuries, you can find many references to the fact that preparations from musk and tinctures from dried beaver glands treated nervous and cardiovascular diseases, impotence, relieved migraine attacks and epilepsy, used to fight wound infections. As then, modern medicine does not dare to recognize any of the drugs prepared from the beaver stream, and their use for the treatment of diseases by certified doctors is politely hushed up.


Meanwhile, many practitioners are ready to confirm that more or less regular intake of castoreum tincture contributes to a noticeable increase in the body’s tone and resistance to diseases. Without going into details about what diseases can be cured by drugs created on the basis of the beaver gland, doctors are confident in their effective anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-spasmodic action. Specialists-healers of traditional medicine are more optimistic in their assessments, and are ready to treat literally everything with this unique substance.

In the treatment of what diseases is used beaver jet
To present a detailed list of diseases for which, according to experts of alternative medicine, beaver musk can help, you will need several pages of typewritten text. Standard indications for use – from General weakness of the body to cancer.

Many people use this remedy for cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary bronchitis and pneumonia, as an immunostimulating agent in the treatment of tuberculosis, hepatitis A and B, and disorders of the urinary-sexual system.

Before using the beaver jet for the treatment of any diseases, you should consult a specialist!

In this case, I want to warn everyone who reads this material: drugs based on castoreum can not be considered a panacea for all diseases and stop taking medications prescribed by a doctor. Accurate data on what cures, and against what even the beaver jet is powerless, does not yet exist. Let’s hope that official medicine will one day clarify this situation.

In the comments to the article, you can share your experience of using this tool, tell us what diseases beaver jet helps and what recipes for cooking it.

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