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VPO-208: non-standard ” paradox»

«Paradox». In fact, this is a rifled chock that does not exceed, according to the law, 140 millimeters. Guns with such a combined type of drilling do not stand out for any unique qualities, especially when the comparative availability of modern ammunition with high ballistic characteristics for smoothbore weapons. And yet they have a certain “zest”. At least the ability to have an almost rifled barrel without the mandatory five-year experience. But not only that.

At the October exhibition “Weapons and Hunting-2015”, VPO “Molot” presented its joint development with JSC “Techkrim” -the VPO-208 rifle.

This is nothing more than a smoothbore version of the SCS with the “paradox” under the latest Russian cartridge .366 TCM 9, 5×37, 5. This is a somewhat unusual caliber.

TTX of the VPO-208 carbine:

Caliber: .366 TCM
Weapon length: 1025 mm
Barrel length: 520 mm
Weapon width: 61 mm
Height of the weapon without optics: 179 mm
Weight of the carbine: 3.65 kg.
Magazine capacity: 10 rounds
The VPO-208 smoothbore carbine is based on the Simonov self-loading carbine and has an identical military model appearance, weight and overall dimensions. The carbine is equipped with a new-made smooth barrel with six right-hand rifles 125-135 mm long located in the muzzle of its channel. Russian hunters, fans of weapons and shooting do not need to wait for a 5-year experience of owning a smoothbore weapon to purchase the VPO-208 carbine. Any citizen of the Russian Federation can purchase it under a license for smoothbore long-barreled weapons. At the same time, the Vyatsko-Polyansky carbine surpasses any hunting smoothbore weapon presented on the Russian market today in terms of accuracy, and a heavy large-caliber bullet with a high muzzle energy has a great killing effect.

Cartridge .366 TCM is designed for hunting animals weighing up to 200 kg at distances up to 150 meters. The abbreviation ” TCM ” means developers and manufacturers-JSC “Techkrim”, Izhevsk (TC) and JSC “Molot”, Vyatskiye Polyany (M). It is based on a 7.62×39 mm cartridge case in 1943. the cartridge Caliber is specified in fractions of an inch, in the metric system: 9.5×37.5 mm. bullet Weight: from 8 to 15 gr. For shell and semi-shell bullets weighing 15 g, the initial velocity is 570-590 m / s, the kinetic energy is 2440-2610 j., the diameter of the dispersion of bullets when shooting at a range of 100 meters with an open sight-up to 80 mm. Since this cartridge is a cartridge for smoothbore weapons, weapons legislation allows it to be re-loaded.

The trigger mechanism is hammer type enables the production of single shots and setting on a lever type fuse, located in the trigger guard housing trigger. Automatic carbine works by removing part of the powder gases through a hole in the side wall of the barrel. Locking the barrel is performed by skewing the bolt placed in the bolt frame down behind the firing stop in the receiver. There is a loading handle on the right side of the gate frame.

The carbine is powered from a non-removable magazine, which is equipped with an open bolt using special clips for 10 rounds, which are installed in the guides in the front end of the bolt frame, or can be equipped with one cartridge. The carbine is equipped with a bolt delay that blocks the bolt group in the open position when all cartridges are spent from the magazine. The bottom cover of the magazine is tilted down to discharge.

The sight consists of a front sight, adjustable in two planes, and a sighting bar with distances up to 1000 m. the Wooden bed has a semi-pistol butt neck, in which a pencil case with accessories for cleaning and disassembling the carbine is located on the back of the head.

The price of the VPO-208 carbine is 24,500 rubles.

This was the manufacturer’s data. At the exhibition “Weapons and Hunting-2015” announced a slightly different price-about 30 thousand. Cartridges, according to long – standing rumors, were supposed to be sold for 12-15 rubles, according to fresh ones-for 25 (inflation, however). Factory workers are guided by something in between. But, in any case, it is cheaper even budget bullet cartridges for smoothbore.

At the may presentation in St. Petersburg, the gun gave out good indicators for accuracy, but it is known that after that the ammunition was further refined. Anyway, in terms of speed and energy, they are significantly superior to the same “Saiga-410 “with ” paradox”. In contrast, the VPO-208 turned out to be quite a hunting weapon. And it doesn’t look as militaristic as its colleagues on the stand.

Of course, it is still too early to talk about any practice of hunting use of VPO-208. But, judging by the stated characteristics, it is quite suitable for animal hunting – for ROE deer, and wild boar. And certain information from users is already available.

The first happy (or brave?) owners of the carbine appeared in social networks. Even the cartridge our people quickly “raspatronili” and all carefully weighed: the bullet-14.8 g, gunpowder-1.9, sleeve-6.9. The gunpowder hitch is only 0.1-0.3 g higher than that of the original 7, 62×39, but the bullet is almost double, which is very good for hunting at the main smoothbore distances. This was confirmed by purely descriptive reports about shooting at a package of boards – until the gelatin tests were reached.

Shooting “on paper” also gave decent results.

This is 50 meters (shooting range, however) with five rounds from the machine…

…and this on those same 50 flushed ten bullets with hands.

Naturally, with an open sight. Installing optics, most likely collimators, is a matter of the near future. Discussion of possible options has already begun.

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