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VPO-208: non-standard " paradox»
«Paradox». In fact, this is a rifled chock that does not exceed, according to the law, 140 millimeters. Guns with such a combined type of drilling do not stand out…

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Grouse hunting with an approach, with a car, with a dog
Grouse is one of the most common birds, and hunting for it is always popular. Maybe it attracts hunters because it is found throughout the forest zone, or maybe because…

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Double-barreled hunting rifle Mr-27 (IZH-27)

The IZH-27 is a Soviet double-barreled hunting rifle designed for commercial and Amateur hunting. The IZH-27 was developed under the direction of A. A. Klimov and has been mass-produced since 1973.

Starting with the development of two models – a single-barreled rifle of the Kazan system (ZK) and a double-barreled IZH-49, the specialists of” Izhmeh ” created a full range of samples of hunting weapons. Products at that time were marked with the designation “IZH” in combination with numbers that indicated the year of production, for example, IZH-49, IZH-54, IZH-56, etc.subsequently, in the 60s, the numbers in the marking of guns began to mean the project number, for example, IZH-18, IZH-25, IZH-27.

With the wider spread of weapons on the foreign market, it became necessary to abandon the designation “IZH”. This is due to the fact that the abbreviation “IZH” is inconvenient to transcribe. It was necessary to choose a symbol that contains the semantic content of product labeling, while the designation must have the same graphics and sound in Cyrillic and Latin.

In the 90’s, when developing new models of weapons, they decided to label the products with the abbreviation Mr in Latin, which means Mechanical Plant. Since that time, all new weapons developments of Izhmeh are assigned this marking. Previous models of weapons until 2008 remained with the old designation “IZH”. In order to establish a common pattern in the designations of weapons produced by the enterprise, the plant replaced the “IZH” designation with the Mr marking, i.e., for example, on guns instead of the IZH-18, IZH-27, IZH-43, Mr-18, Mr-27, Mr-43, etc. The digital designation on models manufactured before 1996 remained the same, and from September 2008, the Izhevsk mechanical plant switched to marking weapons with the designation “Mr”.

One of the most common types of weapons is the Mr-27, a double-barreled hunting rifle with a vertical arrangement of barrels – the most popular rifle of the Izhevsk mechanical plant.

This model was preceded by the IZH-59 Sputnik and IZH-12 rifles developed by Anatoly Klimov.

IZH-12 – the first “vertikalka”, which was widely used in the Soviet Union and won the appreciation of hunters for its reliability and simplicity. In the early 70s, a group of designers (N. V. Repin, A. A. Klimov, G. ya.Protopopov) modernized the IZH-12 rifle. In this model, the following innovations were made: changed the shape of the box and the forearm; instead of the usual one, they made a ventilated sighting bar; made the fuse automatic, adding interseptors (interceptor loops) for reliability; installed an ejector; changed the shape of the box at the places of its connection with the box; a rubber backing was installed on the stock.

The new model received the IZH-27 index (MP-27). The Mr-27 hunting rifle with vertical barrels is available in various calibers and is a classic hunting weapon.

The series includes 12 -, 16 -, and 20-caliber rifles. The weight of the guns is from 3.1 to 3.65 kg depending on the length of the barrel and caliber, the length of the barrels is 660-750 mm.Muzzle constrictions are permanent or replaceable. The barrels have a front sight and a vented sighting bar. The barrel channels and chamber are chrome-plated, and the outer surface is oxidized. The connection of the barrels with the pad is carried out by the under-barrel hooks and the hinge axis. Locking is performed using the locking bar, which is included in the slot of the rear barrel hook. When opening the barrels, the triggers are cocked. The trigger mechanism allows you to make a smooth descent of the triggers from the combat platoon when closing the barrels. The automatic safety has trigger interceptors and locks the sear. The cartridges are removed from the chamber by an extractor.

Modifications of the Mr-27 rifle
For four decades of mass production of the Mr-27, a whole family of models has grown on its basis: with an ejector and a single trigger mechanism (Mr-27EM, Mr-27M-1C, Mr-27EM-1C), sports guns (Mr-39, Mr-39E, Mr-27EM-1C in the performance of “sporting”), combined guns (Mr-94 and Mr-94 “North”), double-barreled rifled shotgun (IZH-94 in the performance of “Express”), Mr-27m performed by “Junior”, etc.

The gun is produced in series, including export, piece and souvenir versions in several different versions:

The Mr-27M (formerly called the IZH-27M) is a shotgun without an ejector, with two triggers. The Mr-27M with a replaceable barrel block with an oval-screw drill is a universal smoothbore rifle.

It has a 12/76 caliber barrel block and a replaceable barrel block with an oval-screw drill (Lancaster drill), the gun is ideal for hunting large animals. Thanks to the additional stabilization of the bullet by rotation, obtained by oval-screw drilling, the gun provides a guaranteed hit by a bullet in the killing zone at distances up to 100 m with bullet cartridges (with bullets “Brenneke”, “Gualandi”). At the same time, acceptable characteristics of the scree are provided when shooting with shot. The design of the replaceable barrel block allows you to adjust the position of the dispersion centers of both barrels. The replaceable receiver unit is equipped with an open sight that is adjustable horizontally and vertically. It is possible to install an optical sight.

Mr-27M “Junior” is a light and compact modification of the basic model.

The gun is aimed at women and teenagers, so the main butt sizes are changed relative to the basic ones, taking into account the physical data of this group of users. Lightweight bolt box, the size of which is adapted to small calibers, barrels of reduced length, the presence of the back of the head-shock absorber make the gun very comfortable to use and when running hunts.

The Mr-27EM (formerly known as the IZH-27EM) – a rifle with a selective ejector-throws out only the spent cartridge case and, if necessary, can be disabled.

It has two triggers. Modification of the Mr-27EM rifle is equipped with an ejector that throws out only the spent cartridge case. If necessary, the owner of the gun can disable the ejector in the field without disassembling it and without using a special tool. The gun is indispensable for various types of hunting that require a quick reload. In the photo – with interchangeable barrels 720 and 660 mm.

The Mr-27M-1C (formerly called the IZH-27M-1C) is a rifle without an ejector.

A single-trigger firing mechanism allows firing from both barrels in the desired sequence. The firing sequence is changed by pressing the trigger from behind.

The Mr-27E-1C model has an original solution: switching the sequence of shots from a constant sequence of “lower barrel – upper” to the reverse by pressing the trigger forward. This ensures ease and speed of switching, logical manipulation.

Mr-27EM-1C (previously called IZH-27EM-1C) – a gun with a selector type ejector-throws only the spent cartridge case and, if necessary, can be disabled. A single-trigger firing mechanism allows firing from both barrels in the desired sequence. The firing sequence is changed by pressing the trigger from behind.

Mr-27 piece guns
On a par with serial products, factory masters make guns according to individual orders of consumers, create beautiful examples of highly artistic weapons: unique piece guns with artistic engraving of the class “classic”, “Prestige”, “De Luxe”, “Exclusive”, “Collector’s”.

The quality of Assembly and fitting of guns is very high. They are almost devoid of the disadvantages of serial models. Excellent bluing of barrels, improved balance, improved locking mechanism with the presence of a carbide insert. Smoother running of the fuse. The bed and forearm are perfectly fitted.

The Assembly of each gun is performed by one locksmith-assembler, carefully and qualitatively adjusting all the details, manually making the adjustment and priplotku, which ensures high reliability of the mechanisms.

Fitting the box to the anthropometric parameters of any person (left, right boxes, protrusion under the cheek, different length of the box, etc.) is done manually. It is possible to build Mr-27 guns in two pairs of barrels: – 1st pair-standard, length 720-750 mm, Chok, pay. Muzzle constrictions 0.5; 1.0 mm. – 2nd pair-length 675 mm; barrel cylinders.

Individual Mr-27 guns of 12×76 caliber are equipped with an additional block of barrels with a Lancaster drill of 20 caliber with a chamber length of 76 mm. on the guns, at the request of the customer, it is possible to perform any decoration or inscription using manual engraving, precious metals, artistic painting. Engraving compositions are performed in a wide variety of techniques – obronnaya engraving, vsechka and notching of precious metals and their alloys, creating a unique range, characteristic of the style of weapons engraving Izhevsk mechanical plant.

The engraving is complemented by decorative carving on the butt and handguard. In addition to traditional oxidation, silvering, Nickel plating, and titanium nitride coating can be used to cover metal parts. Custom-made guns meet the requirements of the most sophisticated connoisseurs of fine weapons.

What to look for when buying an IZH-27 (MP-27)
Pay attention to the soldering of the trunks. If a white coating is visible from under the connecting bar, then it is better to leave this gun in the store. Very soon, the connecting bar will come off.
Pay attention to the muzzle section of the barrels. They should be perfectly round and of the same thickness. There should be no difference in size and admonitions of sellers: “they are all like this”.
Pay attention to the chrome plating in the trunks — it should cover the trunks completely, and there should be no stains on it.
The plank should be perfectly flat, there should be no recesses or bulges.
The front sight should be exactly in the middle of the bar. The trunks should be perfectly flat, the rings in the trunks are flat and completely coaxial. It happens that even the eye can see that the trunk is led away. This is particularly worth paying attention to.
When shaking the gun, nothing should hang out or rattle in it.

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