Open and collimator hunting sights: a short course
Conventionally, hunting sights can be divided into two categories: purely mechanical devices and devices based on effects in optical glass – prisms and lenses. The first includes open and diopter…

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Hunting for musk deer
Musk deer is not a very large animal, representing the family of musk deer. Literally translated from Greek-carrying musk. With a body length of up to one meter, its weight…

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Hunting for musk deer
Musk deer is not a very large animal, representing the family of musk deer. Literally translated from Greek-carrying musk. With a body length of up to one meter, its weight…

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Comfort in any weather-Shoe covers ” Yeger»

Hardly the first snow has fallen, and the temperature has crossed the zero threshold, fans of winter hunting and fishing spend the last preparations of their equipment and equipment for the season. Proper preparation will help to make your stay in nature in the winter as comfortable as possible and bring a lot of positive emotions.

As you know, in winter, you can get your feet wet very easily, which is undesirable and even dangerous for your health, especially in severe frost. Sometimes snow falls in large quantities, covering the wet ground, and the water may not freeze throughout the winter. That is why for winter holidays it is recommended to buy shoes that have a rubber layer or wear thin rubber galoshes to get additional protection for your feet.

“Keep your feet warm and your head cold” is an axiom of a healthy lifestyle and a formula that has been true for several centuries. Today, modern Shoe production technologies allow you to forget about the problem of frozen feet and get the maximum comfort when using boots, such as Shoe covers “Yeger” produced by the Astrakhan factory of rubber shoes “dune-AST”.

Do you know the basic rule of the buyer? We ask only three questions, get comprehensive answers to them, and boldly purchase the item you like. And to evaluate the advantages and benefits of our Shoe covers, we use it.

Three-question system. Object of assessment-Shoe covers ” Huntsman»
First, what is the temperature range of socks designed Shoe covers “Huntsman”?

“Yeger” Shoe covers are ideal for both frosty dry weather, and for weather with night and day temperature differences, when the night frost is replaced by daytime rain. But neither the crackling cold nor the high humidity of the environment will deprive you of a sense of home comfort and warmth. These Shoe covers remain elastic and comfortable to wear at any ambient temperature.

Prior to development, technologists and designers study the environment in which shoes will be used, adapting their properties to its climatic and landscape conditions. Prototypes of the “Huntsman” model tested the huntsman in real conditions. By the way, the name of the model “Huntsman”appeared from them. Was tested socks in the harsh winter conditions of the Irkutsk region and in the province of hunters and anglers in the lower reaches of the Astrakhan region, where weather conditions also far from ideal in the winter time, on-site active recreation “Venice in the Caspian sea”.

Well, for those who are interested in numbers, the lower temperature limit of the Shoe covers “Yeger” is calculated by the manufacturer to minus 600 C.

Secondly, the design of the “Huntsman” Shoe covers… What do we offer?

Yeger Shoe covers are a new generation of footwear manufactured using the most modern and advanced technologies. The main material used in the production of Shoe covers is a fundamentally new material DU-light developed by the company’s own technologists “dune-AST” on the basis of foam rubber, with high consumer characteristics, which guarantees the Shoe elasticity, lightness, resistance to abrasion and can withstand any weather, even the conditions of the Arctic cold. Due to the lightness of the material itself, the weight of the “Yeger” Shoe cover, depending on the size, does not exceed 2 kg, which does not create an additional load on the spine.

In addition, the design covers “the Huntsman” includes materials that are produced with the use of new technologies, such as: water-resistant Oxford material with enhanced properties of resistance to frost and moisture resistance and abrasion resistance which is tested in extreme conditions shoes; thermal insulation fabric – microporous material that does not transmit cold from the outside and moisture from inside the Shoe; non-woven fabric with a warming effect that provides the highest degree of comfort.

The Shoe liner consists of a fleecy fiber that creates a heat-insulating layer; a foil cloth that provides additional thermal insulation of the insulation material; and, of course, soft fur that prevents the penetration of cold, as well as natural wool that maintains a comfortable temperature. This structure of the liner allows it to “breathe”, absorbing skin vapors and providing maximum warmth and comfort to the feet.

In addition, each boot is equipped with an additional anti-puncture insole made of Kevlar material, which is used in the construction of body armor and in the “Yeger” Shoe covers serves as a kind of body armor for the foot.

The safety of materials used in the production of Shoe covers is confirmed by certificates of environmental conclusion.

Thirdly, and convenient Shoe cover “the Huntsman”?

And here we have complete order. The structure of the sole of the “Yeger” Shoe covers provides confident stability of a person on any surface due to the shock-absorbing, ergonomic properties of the sole and the special structure of the tread.

Here are three questions that allowed us to find answers and helped us choose really high-quality practical shoes with excellent consumer characteristics that meet the customer’s requirements as much as possible, and most importantly at an affordable price.

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