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Traps for marten

A marten is a small animal whose habitat is a forest. The length of the body of this mammal belonging to the family of weasels, on average, is about fifty centimeters. The animal has a fairly valuable fluffy fur, which is slightly inferior only to sable.

The basis of the diet is rodents (including rats). They also feed on small birds, as well as eggs of both wild and domestic birds. The marten is able to crush several laying hens, laying them at the scene of the” crime ” of the victim. During its hunt, the predator breaks the victims ‘ neck vertebrae, and then drinks their still warm blood, rolling up the tongue.

The marten is very cunning. It’s not easy to catch it. It can escape from the hunter not only on the ground, but also on the branches of nearby trees. That is why the most effective way is considered to be hunting with traps.

When trapping and (or) shooting hunting animals, it is prohibited to use standard leg-grabbing holding traps with steel arcs for trapping a wolf, raccoon dog, raccoon polosun, lynx, badger, forest marten, sable, ermine, otter, beaver, muskrat, except for trapping a wolf in order to regulate its number.

Catching animals begin in late autumn sometimes. Set traps for marten and all winter. Why is hunting for a predator conducted during these seasons? The fact is that marten molting begins in early spring. Her hair falls out, and then begins to grow unevenly. As the cold weather approaches, by the end of October, the animal dresses in a luxurious winter outfit, which attracts people. During the fishing season, the forest is literally covered with snow. This contributes to the fact that marten hunting with traps is very popular.

Preparation for fishing
The marten is a very careful animal. It is usually awake at night, which makes it very difficult to hunt this predator with a gun. Going to catch an animal, it is worth remembering that it does not arrange houses. That is why the marten is not tied to any one place. It moves throughout the forest, stopping only when it finds food or a convenient place for a day’s rest. In case of danger, the marten easily escapes from its pursuer.

Day shelter for the animal, as a rule, are the hollows of trees. For a long time, only the female can stay in them, which needs to take care of the offspring.

In spite of the fact that hunting for marten with traps begins from the end of October, until this time it is not necessary to sit idle. Since the beginning of autumn, you should look for places that will be convenient for the animal to live. When they find them, the hunters make notches. In addition, they lure the predator, periodically laying out the bait in the same places.

It is worth bearing in mind that when choosing a shelter, the marten stops in coniferous, broad-leaved and mixed forests. Especially a lot of animals where there is a large number of trees with hollows. It is in them that the predator is best to organize a shelter. If there are few such trees, then the marten may well be placed in windbreak rubble or in a well.

Tactics for catching
Hunting for marten with traps begins after the place of future actions is determined, the territory is surveyed and the animal is baited. If you go to the area where the fishing will take place after the snow falls, then the ability to read traces will be useful. Remember that if there are no old trees with hollows in this area, then the predator can rest in the plexus of fallen trunks. Traces of marten can be found on the banks of streams or rivers. In these places, the predator prefers to hunt. Special attention should be paid to already found trails. There is a great chance that the animal will pass through them again.

After finding the territory where the marten lives, you need to figure out what to lure it to. For this purpose, the entrails of animals, as well as the meat of rodents or birds may be suitable. It is recommended to keep the bait warm for several days. In this case, the smell of it will be stronger. To attract a small animal, a bird’s feather is well suited. It is either added to the bait, or scattered near it.

Kulami to marten
Just a few words about the devices that have been used for getting marten since ancient times. This so-called kolami – varieties davilac. With small differences related to the behavior of animals, they are used on sable, Wolverine and other Martens.

In recent decades, with the advent of various factory-made traps, they are gradually fading into the past.

For hunting fur-bearing animals, including marten, use iron devices that pinch the body of the animal caught in them when the spring is triggered. These are various traps and self-propelled devices. Moreover, such devices are of various types.

Frame traps
The basis of this device is a round or rectangular frame. This part contains a stretched piece of canvas. Sometimes, instead of fabric, a large number of thin ropes are tied from the edges of the frame. They converge to the so-called gatehouse. On the opposite side of the frame are two racks. They contain holes in which the ends of the arcs are inserted. These marten traps are closed using steel springs bent in the middle. There is a small metal or wooden gatehouse in these devices. It is mounted at an equal distance from the existing racks. In addition, a hook or a small plank is sewn to the canvas that is stretched on the frame.

When installing frame traps, the springs are compressed. The arcs are then spread out to the side. After one of them is thrown over the gatehouse, fixing its free end under a hook or plank sewn to the canvas. How does this device work? At the moment when the marten touches one of the stretched strings or steps on the canvas, the guardhouse is released from under the plank. At the same time, arcs converge, which infringe on the animal, slamming with great force.

The frame trap is a universal device. You can use it to hunt almost all fur-bearing animals.
Its positive side is the large area of the guardrail. Therefore, these devices have a high catchability. Traps have their own numbers. When fishing for marten set number 0 or number 1.

Additional device
Any type of trap is provided with a chain at the end of which there is a ring. This is necessary for attaching it to a Bush or tree. Only in this case, the captured animal will not be able to leave.

When catching a marten, since it is a small animal, a rope or wire can be used instead of a chain.

Storage of traps
In the summer, fishing equipment must be placed in well-ventilated areas. You can not store traps in the garage, as the smell of gasoline and metal in the future will scare the animal. The best storage location is the attic. Here, traps are best placed in a box, shifting them with spruce branches or hay. But even if all the necessary conditions for proper storage have been met, all the devices must be carefully examined before starting fishing. Traps are cleaned of the rust present on them, and then boiled in water with the addition of fir or spruce resin. Only in this case, they will get the smell of the forest and will not scare the animal. The trap can also be covered with a thin layer of cow’s oil or lard. This will also allow you to get rid of unnecessary smell.

Portable device
For catching marten, not only traps are used, but also traps – snares and loops. These portable devices cover the body, neck, or limb of a marten with a loop. It is made of a belt, twine or wire.

The loops can be installed vertically or horizontally. In the first case, the animal will get into the device with its body or head. In the second case, the marten will step on a loop that will cover its limb. The principal differences in installation methods are clear from the figure.

To make such a device, you will need a soft iron wire with a cross section from 0.6 to 1.1 mm, the length of which is 1-1. 5 m. One end of this blank is twisted into a small ring with a diameter of 5-8 mm. the Short end of the wire is wrapped around the long one. The opposite end of the blank is inserted into the ring. The lumen of the loop should be about twenty centimeters.

When installing this device for fishing, it is necessary to ensure that it is located at a distance of ten to fifteen centimeters from the snow cover. A string is tied to the loop for the ring, with the help of which the device is attached to the tree.

Setting traps
Devices designed for catching animals are placed near trees with a hollow, in clearings, as well as in places where the border of two forests is located. Installation of traps on a marten can be made and in places of past successful attacks on a predator. In this case, the hunter will have confidence in their abilities.

When setting traps on a marten, the main attention is paid not only to their disguise. We also need the right caution. The spring should be deployed in the direction opposite to the arrival of the animal. The trap must be securely attached to a tree or Bush with a thin chain or wire. Only then will the marten not drag him away. However, the best option is to secure the device so that the animal caught in it does not have the opportunity to get out, while hanging in the air.

The bait when setting the trap should be located 25-30 centimeters above the plate. You can also attach it to a knot near the device. It is recommended to check traps twice a week.

Installation rules
How to ensure that a marten caught in a trap gets only to the hunter, and not to any predators or rodents? To do this, traps must be placed on created or natural elevations. Only in this case, the caught animal will hang in the air and other animals will not be able to get it.

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