Winter moose pen: weapons and features.
This hunt has a nuance that determines the increased requirements for safety. First, it is unattractive for "trophy" hunters who usually have a high shooting training – in December, and…

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Double-barreled hunting rifle Mr-27 (IZH-27)
The IZH-27 is a Soviet double-barreled hunting rifle designed for commercial and Amateur hunting. The IZH-27 was developed under the direction of A. A. Klimov and has been mass-produced since…

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As the boar was conquer America
The history of the discovery and colonization of new continents and territories by representatives of European civilization is inextricably linked to the migration of some species of domestic and wild…

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PSO, PO and POSP sights: unity in diversity

With all the wealth of choice of modern optical sights, the constant interest of hunters and shooters is a device with a 50-year history and military career. This is a PSO-optical sniper sight, according to some reports, originally “Ovchinnikov sniper sight” (by the name of the designer of the Novosibirsk instrument-making plant).

One of the reasons for this popularity connected with the charisma of a product: people chose the conversion version of the Soviet-Russian small arms – “Tiger” and “Vepr” and “Saiga” optical sight will try to choose the most authentic. But the main driving force, of course, will be economic and practical considerations.

According to the Technical task issued more than half a century ago, the PSO was required to have a guaranteed resource of 3 thousand shots and another 6 thousand-according to tests for hardware reliability. 9000 shots for the owner of a sniper rifle, whatever you call it, means actually a lifetime warranty. Even if he is not a hunter, but practices in near-sports disciplines. After all, this is not a poster shooting.

In addition, the PSO after removal-installation does not require targeting (which was also stipulated in the TOR and implemented in practice). Given the current cost of ammunition, especially “targeted” or imported, this is an important factor.

As well as a very modest price by any standards. Since the original PSOs are not available for free sale and you can only find them on a Commission, then the payment for devices written off from the army is sometimes lower, up to the traditional Russian “natural”.

This applies mainly to the version of the PSO-1 (4×24) intended for the SVD and its civilian version “Tiger” under the cartridge 7, 62×54. In addition, the Novosibirsk instrument-making plant produces PSO-1-1, PSO-1M2, PSO-2, PSO-3, designed for special weapons-VSK, VSS and others. First of all, the changes relate to the mounting, sighting grid and all adjustment and adjustment mechanisms that correspond to the ballistics of the standard ammunition. In the photo-VSS “Vintorez” with a sight PSO-1-1.

Purely military purpose is due, however, and the only inherent from birth “minus” design-the lack of dioptric adjustment to the features of vision. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine an army sniper suffering from astigmatism. But for many hunters, especially at an age, this can become a problem.

In addition, real PSOs of any series before appearing on the civilian market have already worked hard in their lifetime. The hull, the mechanisms, and the optics got it. Compare the” pictures ” of the PSO-1 and the modern civilian 4×24.

The yellowness of the army sample is caused not only by age, but also by the use of so – called “sotka”-glass with special additives that provide radiation-optical stability (GOST 3514-94/76 and previous). But this is a separate issue.

In any case, if you decide to stay on a fully authentic army sight, look for the “fresher” option. Otherwise, you may encounter such a seemingly small thing as searching for an ancient original battery. Compare:

But installed on early versions of the sight recharged from any light sources, the luminescent screen served not only to detect sources of infrared radiation, as many believe, but also really acted as a prototype of the PNV, providing night recognition of targets at a distance of 100-150 meters. It was removed from the design just with the advent of domestic night sights. However, the time of such devices is irrevocably gone…

Therefore, if you purchase the sight exclusively for practical purposes without the shadow of collecting, pay attention to the civilian versions produced by the refinery under the General SOFTWARE index. In terms of strength, reliability and durability, they are practically no different from the military prototype. Yes, their tests are carried out according to a more gentle program, for example, not at -50, but at -40 degrees, but the parts, Assembly lines, and workers are the same. In addition, the most extreme hunting, you will agree, is also different from fighting.

A significant advantage of civilian sights is their wide range. There is a full analog of PSO-1-4×24. Like the prototype, it is designed for SVD/Tiger rifles.

The 4×24-1 FOR saiga and Vepr carbines is designed taking into account the peculiarities of mounting and ballistics of ammunition.

Sights with increased multiplicity and lens aperture OF 6×36, 6×36-1 and 6×36-2 are installed on both the “Tiger” and conversion Kalashnikov carbines, as well as SCS.

Finally, the city’s residents are brought to the market a range of zoom scopes. In the photo, the “Junior” model is a 1.5-4, 5×16 “Tiger”.

3-9×24 for “tiger” and “Boar”, and 3-9×24-1 for “Saiga”.

All of them, as well as modern modifications of the army counterparts, are absolutely sealed and filled with dried nitrogen, which guarantees water resistance and the absence of fogging at any temperature changes. There is no doubt about the reliability and strength.

Here is an excerpt from a letter from a specialist of the Federal state unitary enterprise for oil refineries concerning the inspection of the plant’s products:

“Many businesses are not interested in us existing and
was engaged in the sighting equipment. This is a fact and we can’t get away from it.

That’s why we supply high-quality equipment that has passed all types of tests
tests, all 100% of products.

The tests are conducted in two stages (I’m talking about civil ones now
products): 1. Shop the manufacturer, the bearer (sparing a few,
than acceptance of the OTC); 2. OTC, acceptance and delivery. For acceptance tests
tests are only devices that have passed the bearer.

Important characteristics to be tested, including:

Resistance to mechanical shocks. Tests are carried out on
installation of Electromechanical three-component shock CM-1M. Quantity
blows – 100 (for typical tests – 500). The following are provided

in the horizontal direction (parallel to the optical axis) 328g
in the vertical direction 245g
laterally 200g
As well as MANDATORY all 100% of products (note not selectively
of the batch, not 10%, namely ALL products) are tested for impact:
the critical temperature, shaking, atmospheric precipitation, dust sand,

At the same time, the civilian scopes of the PO series have retained the utilitarian army approach to aiming techniques that fully correspond to field conditions and do not require special skills to work with modern mil-dot grids, ballistic calculations, and so on. Of course, any military sniper, even a beginner, is not an infantry “fighter young not trained”, but still…

Without deviating from the subject of the review, briefly about the methodology that is the same for military and civilian devices. The grids themselves differ only in the “conversion” reduction of the base of the growth range-measuring scale from 1.7 meters in the PSO (average height of a person) to one and a half in the PO (pictured).

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