The hunting of the hare
This type of hunting has a long tradition. Hunting for a hare is conducted, mainly because of dietary meat, skins and, of course, for the sake of the most-extremely fascinating…

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Traps for marten
A marten is a small animal whose habitat is a forest. The length of the body of this mammal belonging to the family of weasels, on average, is about fifty…

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Hunting black grouse with a COP
With COP dogs, they hunt all forest game: capercaillie, grouse, woodcock and black grouse. But the most popular is still hunting black grouse-killer whale. About the behavior and lifestyle of…

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Hunting with modern technologies

As you know, hunting is the kind of activity that is familiar to a person since ancient times. With its help, the primitive people were finding their own food and were saved from starvation. But if the essence of hunting has not changed for many millennia, the process itself has changed to recognition. Then sticks and simple traps were used, and today guns with optical sights and special innovative devices, including photo traps (they are also hunting cameras) and electric traps.

Modern hunter’s assistants

You don’t need to talk about guns in detail, even with optical sights. Today, thanks to the development of film, television and the Internet, even a schoolboy has an idea about them. Hunting cameras and electric boats are another matter. What is it?

Both devices can not be called mandatory for hunting. But only on one side. Yes, a gun, a good warm ammunition or, for example, waterproof boots are in the first place according to the degree of need, but a camera trap and an electric hook are the devices without which you can cope, but the efficiency of the process, as well as the degree of satisfaction can be low.

Technological and innovative electrical devices for hunting are designed mainly to facilitate the life of the hunter, to help him in the process of searching for hot spots, bait for a wild animal or bird, and other, sometimes, quite routine processes.

Camera trap-monitoring and notification

A forest or hunting camera, also known as a camera trap , is a modern device that can take photos and shoot video-capture animals and birds, and thus tell the hunter where to live, where to migrate, help with studying habits, etc.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. In addition to the camera, there is always a PIR-motion sensor that reacts to the appearance of objects that emit heat (animals, people, etc.) in the field of view. As soon as the motor activity is noticed, the camera turns on, taking photos or recording videos. The quality of both is not inferior to Amateur and sometimes professional cameras and video cameras.

Some models are additionally equipped with a GSM module, for example, one of the best models on the Russian market, Spromise S128, which allows you not only to save images on memory cards, but also to send them immediately after implementation as an MMS message or email to the phone numbers/email addresses specified in the settings. As a result, you can not only control a certain area, but also quickly receive alerts about any incidents on it.

Externally, hunting cameras differ in camouflage colors, imitating foliage or tree bark, are not afraid of adverse weather conditions, frosts, and can work offline for a long time.

Electric chairs – and the beast itself goes into your hands

No less functional and useful for any hunter today can be electric chairs. Similar to their spiritual counterparts, they are designed to mimic the sounds of game or animals, thereby luring a potential victim closer to the hunter. But if you need special knowledge and skills that are sometimes honed for years to use the wind semolina, then the electronic analogue is simple and functional.

In his Arsenal, a ready-made set of melodies that perfectly mimic various animals and birds. The rhythm, pitch, timbre, strength, and other characteristics of sounds are already well chosen for you, each of which has proven its effectiveness in practice – animals are lured and very well. All you need to do is just press a button and wait in a secluded place for the victim.

These products have a built-in or are supplemented by an external speaker, so that the sound can spread even over hundreds of meters. Voice simulators are now used by gamekeepers, beginners, and even professional hunters who have appreciated all the advantages of such devices.

Excellent sound quality, versatility (the ability to reproduce the voices of 40 to 200 animals), excellent performance characteristics-reliability, resistance to adverse conditions, strength, durability, reasonable prices (comparable to the prices of high-class brass decoys) and advanced configuration, as, for example, the models of the Huntsman-this is only part of the advantages of these devices!

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