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Practice of using pneumatic and throwing weapons
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Weapons for remote immobilization (euthanasia)

This article is mainly for shooters who for some reason do not want to join the ranks of organized hunters, but the desire to join something like this occasionally occurs. Those who love and appreciate weapons, but support the ideas of Greenpeace, can be reminded that animals, including wild ones, also sometimes have to be treated, or even saved, by evacuating from a dangerous place. However, this review will be interesting for any owner of a pneumatic or crossbow, as well as for the classic rifle hunter.

It is not necessary to frown in advance, anticipating sketches from the life of the team to catch stray dogs and cats, the objects of the hunt we are considering are mainly large and very dangerous wild animals. Yes, it is hunting, since almost all its elements are present here. Even if the animal ends up not in a cauldron with a shurpa, but in a new habitat or on the operating table. But first about the remote immobilization weapon.

Very briefly about firearms, which is significantly different from the traditional one. Thirty years ago, the IZH-18 28 caliber with a separate charge was used for this purpose. As a propellant, a construction cartridge was used, which ejected a metal syringe. Now, as usual, professionals have switched to imported (and very, very expensive) options. Like ” Injector 389 PROJECTOR/Rifle»:

The principle of operation has not changed in decades. But at the same time, 5 power modes were added, a range of up to 100 meters, the possibility of using a syringe transmitter and, accordingly, a tracking device included in the kit.

We’ll assume that the gunshot was dealt with. Moving on to Pneumatics.

Soporific Pneumatics
Let’s start with the most primitive, but very popular and quite effective device.

This “wind throwing device” complete with syringes “UVYSH-1m” is nothing more than an enlarged modification of school tubes for spitting balls of chewed paper and homemade Darts with needles. Well, or a plastic analogue exotic sarbakanov.

The “real fire” distance is up to 15 meters.

Immediately, you should briefly talk about self-generating flying injection syringes when moving along the trunk. They differ mainly in the amount of the drug (from rabbit to bear or elk), ballistic characteristics, and the drive of the pusher-a spring or compressed gas.

You can shoot them not only from a blowpipe. Looking at the photos below, many owners of Pneumatics will look differently at their ” toy ” rifles.

This is a set of “UVYSH-651m”, consisting of a thrower “Vet-651KS” and a set of syringes. The recommended range of use is up to 10 m, and the number of shots per canister is up to 50.

It is not difficult to guess that, in fact, we are dealing with the good old Izhevsk gas cylinder (CO2) Mr-651K, only single-shot and 12 mm caliber. Compare with the prototype:

And this is already Pneumatics with a larger balloon-a throwing device “medic”. It has a range of up to 30 m, and the number of shots has increased to hundreds.

There are also imported analogues. For Example, Dan-Inject Model JM Special.

Since neither I nor you, dear readers, are professionals in this field and are not going to earn money on this, I do not see much sense in stopping at rifles worth tens of thousands of rubles.

Finally, even paintball markers are successfully used for remote immobilization purposes.

Most of the devices described above are highly specialized, having a caliber of 6.35 mm (.25) up to 13 and even 21 mm. and therefore goes beyond the interests of ordinary fans and owners of license-free Pneumatics of 4.5 mm caliber (.177). But not everything is so bad-rejoice, owners of budget Izhevsk “murok”!

Yes, on photo Mr-512, in this version proudly referred to as “Kit veterinary rifle ” Leader-3pd””. Range of destruction up to 30 meters.

The picture below shows us another old friend-Mr-53M, again under the sonorous name “Veterinary device Leader-1pm”. The shooting distance, as it should be, is smaller.

These are standard products with declared projectile speeds of 170 and 110 m/s. with no less success in their place may be “Hatsan”, “Gamo”, “Diana” – any spring-piston air rifle or pistol with a broken barrel. Weapons with a sub-barrel / side platoon or PCP due to the presence of “clips”, drums and other design features are not suitable for the most part, since the dimensions of bullets and throwing Darts are very different.

And here are the Darts themselves. The average price is about 40 rubles per piece. All go under the brand name “Leader”, all 4.5 mm caliber, different ballistic characteristics and properties of the active composition.

For example, the “Leader-d” (below) has half the time before the immobilizing suspension starts working, compared to those where a solidifying paste is used. And accuracy, by the way, is higher due to the modified design.

Literally until recently, in addition to owners of PCP and fixed-barrel rifles, owners of short-barreled gas-cylinder weapons were also subjected to a kind of “discrimination”, the drums and magazines of which simply did not fit the dimensions of Darts. Everything changed with the advent of revolvers with so-called fake cartridges (see the article “Short barrel”).

The photo shows a set of “Leader-4pgl”. This “… GL” in its name seems to come from the manufacturer “Glacier”, but any analog will do, whether it is “Cybergan”, “Dan Wesson” or “SMERSH”. Immediately striking is the undoubted advantage of such a weapon-multi-loading. As well as a minus – a tiny dart, which means a small amount of active substance. Taking into account the known characteristics of such revolvers, we can say that they are designed for short shooting distances and for stray cats and small dogs. However, these animals, no less wild, need treatment and evacuation to overexposure points and shelters. And the device itself, if you have shooting skills, will allow you to work in a pack.

Crossbows in the role of Dr. Dolittle
Finally, two words (taking into account the specifics of this site) about crossbows.

The “blowpipes” and pneumatic revolvers / pistols have one common drawback-small distances of destruction, the latter also have an extremely small amount of active substance. Air rifles of 4.5 mm caliber are capable of more, but in some cases their capabilities are not enough. Large-caliber Pneumatics, like firearms, require a lot of permits and have a lot of restrictions.

But a normal crossbow “leisure and entertainment” by the power of 43 kgs (95 lbs) – most it is not considered as a weapon, range is not worse than the spring-piston Pneumatics, projectile weight even more than guns (see “What “more powerful” bow, crossbow or a BB gun?”). It is no accident that the same metal SHL-28 syringes were used with crossbows as for the already mentioned IZH-18M. However, their fastening was made as weak as possible, so that the arrow itself fell off in the first seconds and could not cause injury to the beast. A huge plus is also the practical soundlessness of the shot, which is very important both when used in localities, and during the complete prohibition of hunting (in the “off-season”).

It should be noted that the energy of a full-size “blocker”, even with legal “children’s” shoulders, at short and medium (for strelometov) distances is too large, and the arrow can injure the animal. For these purposes, it is better to use compact block crossbows (“Caiman”, MK-250, “Warrior HL”), full-size (“Lancelot”, “mongoose”, “Matrix”) or even compact recursive (“Jaguar”, “Scorpion”, MK-200).

In addition, shooting with a crossbow is more difficult than with a pneumatic gun – corrections for a heavy arrow will have to be made almost after five meters of distance. Either extensive experience or a laser rangefinder will help. Moreover, it is not always enough to put a syringe just in a muscle cluster, for example, in the croup of an animal, in some cases the requirements are much more stringent, for example – “in the first third of the neck”.

Another thing is that there are very few crossbowmen at all, and their ranks have only grown in recent years. We should not discount the wary attitude of forestry workers and traditional hunters towards them.

So we came to the main topic of the article – the real participation of owners of license-free Pneumatics and crossbows in operations to immobilize (immobilize) animals.

Decree Of the Governor of the Omsk region" on determining the types of permitted hunting and parameters of hunting on the territory of the Omsk region " dated 31.07.2015 No. 134
Decree Of the Governor of the Omsk region" on determining the types of permitted hunting and parameters of hunting on the territory of the Omsk region " dated 31.07.2015 No.…


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